Why You Should NOT Hire An Interior Designer?

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By Janice Hoffman, IFDA HBA

Interior design, how hard can it be, right? HGTV, Houzz, Angie’s list, the list goes on with a plethora of resources available. You are perfectly capable of creating a beautiful space that reflects your personality. You have a vision and know exactly how to execute your plan and have it function as imagined. You have access to trusted contractors and the time to source and manage your project. You love to shop, are decisive, detail oriented and have no problem staying on budget. If this is you then get creative and have fun.

What, that is not you?

Many people are overwhelmed and frustrated by making hundreds of decisions regarding finishes and furnishing selections. They have no idea of the project cost, where to find a contractor or how to implement their vision. Many may not have the time or energy needed to devote to their project.

Perhaps you have treasured pieces you would like to incorporate into a space but not sure how they will work with the new items you covet? You need to sell your house or business and wonder how it will stand up to the competition or what improvements would be worth investment. You don’t want to look like a page out of a catalog. You want something out of the box. You need an interior designer.

What does a designer bring to the project?

Designers bring years of education and experience. They are trained to think about things you may overlook such as scale, proportion, balance, and harmony. They can visualize the finished space and how it relates to adjoining rooms. They have vast “trade only” resources for everything related to your project. A designer will make a professional assessment and develop a plan for efficient spending and a timeline for project completion. Crucial planning preempts costly mistakes.

Designers project manage; consult with vetted contractors and vendors; oversee budget allocation; select finishes; procure, deliver and install furnishings and deal with the unexpected “can of worms” someone opened. Their trained eye can quickly determine if something is wrong with the space, which is an advantage when making aesthetic decisions.  They love to problem solve.

Most designers are willing to work in various ways to meet your needs. They offer hourly consultations pertaining to color selection, furniture placement, staging, shopping or simply confirming your choices are good choices. They provide preconstruction space planning for an addition or incomplete space. Designers offer furniture plans with dimensions to ensure your purchases will fit and electrical plans for proper lighting. Designers take control of any portion of or the entire project. They will source, manage and implement the design aspects while keeping you informed and the budget intact. Designers keep in mind the three “H”s of a design project. “Head” = need or function, “Handbag” = value, “Heart” = emotion, the result a personalized, timeless space with that “wow” factor.



“We’ve worked with Janice for years. The master bathroom remodel is the biggest project yet. She designed the bathroom talking us into closing a window where the shower would be, it was the best decision. She also picked out the tiles and colors. Her design expertise has helped us raise our property value and enjoy our home more. I would highly recommend Sweetwater Design.” – Linda, West Chester, PA

“Janice has helped me decorate my home for almost 20 years. I have truly appreciated her patience and positive attitude. Her creativity and ideas inspired me to look at my projects differently. I love the look of the most recent project to update our main bathroom and anticipate other projects with Sweetwater Design.” – Joyce R., Coatesville, PA

“Our home renovation included a new kitchen, family room and laundry room. Janice listened to what we wanted, got to know our style and then used her expertise to make it all come together. We definitely recommend Sweetwater Design for your next project!” – Kricia B., Exton, PA


Sweetwater Design established in 1991 by Janice Hoffman, is a full-service design firm creating commercial and residential interiors. Sweetwater Design services clients throughout PA, NJ, MD and DE. Janice studied art at Millersville University and received her Interior Design degree from Harcum College. She is an active member of IFDA and HBA remaining current with CEUs, seminars and trade conferences.


Janice Hoffman, IFDA HBA


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