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Feeling Out of Sorts After The Pandemic?

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By Joe White

I just don’t feel like myself anymore

That is what my client said at the start of her first session. She shared that ever since the pandemic, she just can’t get back to being driven, focused, and motivated. “I just feel like I am in a funk and can’t get out.”

Many people, like my recent client, are struggling to regain their sense of self and motivation after the pandemic’s disruptions. Whether it’s the pandemic, a life change, or a personal loss, significant events can leave us feeling lost and unfocused. If you’re stuck and frustrated, here are five key steps to help you move forward:

Manage your expectations

Expectations can be tricky. We often focus on things outside our control, leading to stress and anxiety. Instead, learn to divorce your expectations and marry your standards. Focus on what you can control – your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions – and develop strategies for navigating the rest.

Reimagine your environment

The people and places you surround yourself with significantly impact you. Surround yourself with positive influences, even if it starts with just one like-minded individual. Additionally, consider changing your physical space. Update your surroundings with inspiring visuals like pictures, quotes, or colors that resonate with you currently. A fresh environment can foster a fresh perspective.

Persistence is key

While not a motivational speaker, I view myself as a “mechanic” for people’s lives. The one thing that consistently pulls me out of challenging times is perseverance. Pushing through without giving up, even when it feels difficult, is essential. We all get stuck, but we can’t give up. Keep moving forward, even if it means taking things slow.

Remember, winter’s end

Just like winter eventually gives way to spring, difficult times don’t last forever. It’s up to us to actively work through them. We can’t simply hope things will improve – we must make a conscious choice and commit to putting in the effort required to move forward.

Until next time, Rattle The Cage, Joe

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For over 25 years, Joe White has been a leading force in personal and professional transformation, pioneering Delaware’s first life coaching practice, Get Life Coaching. His journey began with overcoming a near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction 30 years ago, a turning point that ignited his passion for helping others.  

Joe possesses a unique combination of passion, genuine empathy, unfiltered honesty, and practical expertise. This extraordinary blend attracts clients from all walks of life and enables Joe to create massive and lasting change for his clients. His impact extends well beyond Delaware; Joe has coached over one million individuals and businesses worldwide. 

He’s also the owner of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, the world’s authority on training and certifying firewalk instructors. This prestigious institute has trained renowned figures like Tony Robbins and T. Harv. Eker and was recently featured on the hit TV show Impractical Jokers, Getting Sal to Firewalk!   


“This was the most amazing experience of my life! You did exactly what was needed! Kudos to reading and knowing those you were serving!! Forever grateful to you, Joe!!”  ~ L. Domday

“Before I started with Get Life, I felt my life was out of control and I felt powerless to do anything about it. Joe White will get you MASSIVE breakthroughs and tools to take back control of your power and direction in your life. Never before have I ever felt clear with what I want, where I want to go, and how to get there.”  ~ Luke C.

Joe White

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