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Heather Love, Owner
Whereabouts Café
“One of the hardest things I do as a small business owner is to find the right place to spend my limited advertising and marketing budget. For over a decade, I focused on running my business and I was completely happy with my life in the kitchen. I found my purpose in my café’s tiny little corner of the world. I had my customers, my friends, and my work. Then, I had a major surgery. It was during that time of recover and reflection that I realized I was ready to step out of the safety of my kitchen and start connecting with other owners.  

For years, I had read The Women’s Journal. I never felt that I belonged with the women in these magazines. I thought I wasn’t enough to be with them. I am just a country girl who loves to cook, and I happen to own a café. When my marketing guy set up a meeting with Pamela, I put up every wall possible and tried my hardest to prepare myself for rejection. I just knew I wasn’t enough.

Nothing prepared me for my meeting with Pamela. For the first time in my professional career, I felt seen and heard. Her story was very similar to mine. I literally felt professional walls simply disappear during that first meeting. It felt that I had someone across the table that I could trust, and I decided then and there to advertise with her. The only regret I have, is not reaching out to her years earlier.   

Everyone knows, I love a good checklist. Partnering with Pamela and The Women’s Journal, checks all the right boxes – expert advice, affordable prices, excellent networking opportunities, and actual sales.”          



Kristin Stetler Donovan, Owner
Age Advantage
“The Women’s Journal has always been my go-to publication. It is filled with great information and useful articles. It is the only magazine I have always been sure to pick up. Since the inception of my agency and professional affiliation with the publication, it has always been a pleasure working with Pam and The Women’s Journal staff. They take great pride in producing a quality product! It is obvious why The Women’s Journal is so successful.”


Cynthia Crosser, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.
Crosser Natural Health

“I have been writing with The Women’s Journal for over 5 years now and each and every year I have found the response continues to increase with each article. The Journal is placed in locations where women clearly frequent. I find that when new patients call, they mention that they have been following my articles. They are patients who are serious about coming into my office which makes my job much easier. I would recommend taking the time to build a reputation with The Women’s Journal as it is widely known in our area, and read by women of all ages. The time commitment to write the articles is well worth the effort over time. Most importantly, the financial return on investment has been significant. Don’t hesitate. Teach others about what you are proud to share in your vocation, with topics that meet their needs.”


carmella_for testimonials


Carmella Gibellino-Schultz
Permanent Cosmetics
“Thank you for your wonderful publication, it has been the single best advertising I have ever done in my 25 years in business. Effective, cost efficient, and a return on advertising investment, everything a business woman could ask for.”


Dr Minkovitz T

Jeff Minkovitz, MD
Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Laser Vision Delaware

 “Having practiced ophthalmology in Delaware for over 20 years, I have seen my practice evolve in a deliberate and constant way, keeping up with the latest medical and surgical advances. The Women’s Journal has been a wonderful platform from which to disseminate new, important and hopefully interesting medical information to the public. As a direct result, the patients are better educated about their options and at the same time about my practice focus and experience. Well informed patients regularly comment on the content of my articles, and I am frequently sought out by patients in need of my particular areas of specialization.”

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