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How Can Delaware DSB Help You?

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By Andrea Wojcik

Director of Communications Delaware DSB

Delaware is not just known for its picture-perfect landscapes and tax-friendly environment; it’s also home to a dedicated entity that plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth and empowering local entrepreneurs—the Delaware Division of Small Business.

What is the Delaware Division of Small Business?

The Division of Small Business (DSB) is a state agency within the Delaware Department of State, committed to supporting the development and success of small businesses across the state. The division acts as a resource for small business owners, and a catalyst for economic growth and innovation. As we like to say, we provide big support for small businesses. If you want to start or grow yours, contact us first!

An often-unknown fact is that the Division also oversees the State’s Office of Supplier Diversity and the Delaware Tourism office. Both of these entities are deeply connected to the small business community, and together, all the units of our division play an important role in the small business continuum.

DSB operates through a collaborative approach with entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, and government agencies at all levels. We also actively seek feedback from the business community. This way, the division ensures that its programs and services align with the evolving needs of small businesses.

Here are just some of the programs and services DSB offers. All of our services are free.

1. Business Support

This is provided primarily through our four Regional Business Managers who are the front-line staff working directly with business owners. There is one each for Kent and Sussex Counties, and two for New Castle County – one for the southern half, and another for the City of Wilmington and the county’s northern area. Find yours at

Our Business Managers provide small business owners with someone they can direct all of their business-related questions to. If they can’t answer them, they can connect you with the right person or entity that can. Our dedicated team is amazing at meeting you where you are now and remaining connected to you throughout your small business journey – even if it lasts years!

2. Resource Access

Don’t know where to start? We can help. Don’t know what permits you need, or having trouble getting them signed off? We can help. Need a business plan or business license? We’ll connect you with one of our nearly 100 resource partners to get you going.

Our Business Managers are incredibly knowledgeable about the wealth of resources available to small business owners and know where to direct you. We provide information on funding opportunities, assistance programs, and training webinars to help you navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business. We also share information through our weekly newsletter. Sign up at! 

3. Financial Assistance Programs

We know that access to funding is one of the biggest needs for small business owners. DSB operates, or is involved with, several funding initiatives that small business owners can take advantage of. These programs include DSB’s flagship program – the EDGE grant competition, workforce training grants, and grants to help applied technology businesses bring their product to market by filling a gap between federal funding programs. 

Visit to learn more about these and other programs. We also share funding opportunities from our partners, federal agencies, and national foundations or companies.

4. Certification and Contracting Opportunities

Through our Office of Supplier Diversity, the Division assists small businesses in obtaining certifications that enhance their eligibility for government contracting opportunities, and open new avenues for growth, particularly for women, minority, veteran or individuals with disabilities-owned businesses.  Learn more at

As Delaware continues to evolve as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Division of Small Business is eager to be the go-to resource for owners by providing a comprehensive suite of programs and services. We empower small businesses to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the state. 

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