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Gratitude & Peace In Caring For Loved Ones

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By Kristin Stetler Donovan, Owner

Aging In Place Senior Care Services

No one ever said life was going to be easy. The key is to find gratitude in our search for peace. Life has its struggles, but trying to find the silver lining is of paramount importance. The stress we experience as a result of life’s demands seems to intensify as we age. 

Over the last several years I personally have gone through many changes. I have moved my caregiving agency from a location of 10 years to a new space in October of 2022 due to the landlord repurposing my old space, with short notice. In 2023 I separated from my franchise of 10 years and became an independently owned and operated senior care agency. During this time, I managed to endure Covid for the 4th and 5th time and a wicked version of the flu. I share this with you not because I want empathy, sympathy or praise, but so that you, as the reader, know that I am just like you. Life happens to us all and we all try to find our way as best as we can. 

Many years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago, I quit my corporate managerial career to care for my three children, which I was told I could not conceive, apparently a misnomer. During this time, I began to help care for my parents to ensure that they could remain independent in their home until their passing. Raising three little boys and caring for my parents as their needs increased was nothing short of daunting. I lost my father in June of 2008, my brother suddenly in June of 2009 and mother in June of 2010. Just prior to my mother’s passing I wasn’t sure I could endure much more, but we always find a way.

I had the good fortune of being at home, to care for all those that needed me. I said many times that my 60–80-hour work week in corporate America was easier than tending to the needs of others and being at home. I say this only because at times those that sacrifice their career to be at home caring for the home and others are sometimes seen in a disparaging light. For all that I endured and for all that I learned I was grateful, although at the time exhausted. I took my experience and started an agency to try to help, guide and assist those that are supporting the efforts of parents, family or friends that are aging or that are aging themselves and need additional assistance to remain independent. 

The last several years, through moving, Covid, rebranding and the normal day-to-day challenges of life I have at times found it difficult to be grateful, but last year my mantra was Gratitude. Every day I looked for that silver lining, that one thing to be grateful for that otherwise I would have let debilitate me. Well, this year I have made my mantra Peace. I think everyone in life is always seeking peace in one form or another. Once again, this is not about me, this is about you. As we age and care for others who are aging, I know that it is difficult to be grateful at times. I also know that peace is hard to come by especially when we are in the day-to-day situation of our own health needs increasing or those around us. I wanted to let you know that no matter what you are going through, I hope that you can find the gratitude within each day. Hopefully you will also find peace on your journey through life. May you find gratitude and peace caring for your loved ones, appreciating that you have them still with you, to hold, to hug and to chat. Please find peace in knowing that you are sharing your love and support helping a loved one. 

If you feel that Aging in Place Senior Care Services can help you on your journey or in facilitating a loved one’s journey, please reach out 302-722-8240 and our office staff would be happy to help in any way that we can. 

Wishing you a year ahead filled with reasons to be grateful and nothing but peace.

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