The Women's Journal

Publisher’s Note

2nd Quarter 2022

Dear Readers

Sometimes in life we forget what is important. We go about our daily life and react to the smallest thing, thinking that everything in life is all about us, and that we have the hardest life in the world. When I was growing up, I thought life was wonderful. And still today with everything that I have accomplished and everything that I have materially, nothing compares to the simple, wonderful life I had as a child. What I am saying is that I think we need to stop all the craziness of what has been going on in the last two years and remember that we are all very fortunate to be alive today and enjoy each day of our life, and to make sure that the children of the world get to enjoy their childhood.

In February I went to a birthday dinner for my friend Elsa who turned 101. I see in her the beautiful, young girl that I am sure she will always be. I’m quite certain that I will never make it to 100, let alone 101. But I want to know that if I am on this earth, I will appreciate life the way that my Elsa does. Being with friends and celebrating a beautiful life made all the craziness of the last two years disappear for a while.

I started writing this over a month ago, and daily life and the world mess keeps getting more insane. With Russia invading Ukrainian, I pray every day that they will stop before any more lives are lost or destroyed. This is not just against one country; it is destruction of many lives and families on all sides. May we all remember that freedom is not something that any of us should take for granted. 

We appreciate all our contributors and hope that you will let them know that you saw them in The Women’s Journal and that you appreciate that they take the time to educate.  

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Pamela Rizzo, Publisher