The Women's Journal

Publisher’s Note

4th Quarter 2021

Dear Readers

As we approach the end of 2021, I keep thinking what a wild, strange ride the last two years have been. As a business owner, I feel like my head keeps sinking below the surface at times, but then I swim a little harder, and I rise to the surface again. My 2-year-old granddaughter is learning to swim (survival swimming) this summer.  Most days she comes to me in the morning and says “Swim Beebs?” Of course, I say YES, and off we go to the pool. In those moments, I have to say that my individual life is great and I have never been happier. I pray each day that things will eventually become normal again, and then I watch the news and I realize that things are very far from normal.

I know that we are all reeling from the horrible natural disasters and the loss of lives in Afghanistan. Please keep all the many people that are facing the loss of their loved ones in your prayers. It is never easy to make it back after a loss, but we can never give up. 

COVID-19 has not gone away. If you still have not had the vaccine, please understand that you not only put your own life at risk, but you also put everyone in your circle at risk too.

But on a lighter note, I really think that 2022 is going to be a wonderful year, and if I learn to keep breathing and float, I can survive. 

We are honored this issue to have the doctors of Eye Physicians & Surgeons, PA, as our people in profile. Dr. Minkovitz, Dr. Ko, and Dr. Hockstein have been part of The Women’s Journal for 20 years.  (Please let them know that you saw them in The Women’s Journal).

As I said last issue, things are starting to open up for us with distribution, so if you have had trouble finding your copies in your normal locations, don’t fret because we are hoping to get back into most of our previous locations in the next few issues. If you can’t find a copy all you have to do is call 302-236-1435 and I will point you to a location near you where you can find a copy. 

Please have a wonderful fall, enjoy your holidays, and please stay safe.

Pamela Rizzo, Publisher