The Women's Journal

Publisher’s Note

1st Quarter 2023

Dear Readers

I went back and read my publisher’s note from the first quarter issue of 2022, and many things have changed, and much is the same. Entering 2023, COVID-19 is still here, and our economy is not great to say the least, but I feel very fortunate to be still alive and still in business after 21 years. 

In the first quarter issue of 2022 I spoke of spending time with Simone who is now 3½ years old, and I can say she is even more fun at three than she was at two. You never know what will come out of that cute little bow mouth. I also mentioned that Bodhi was arriving, and he is just as much fun and joy as we thought he would be. It was amazing how fast he could make his walker go to pull on my Christmas tree. Yes, Simone loves her baby brother, which makes all of us very happy. Since pulling her long, blonde hair is his favorite thing to do, I am not sure why she likes him so much.

I am very fortunate that all of my immediate family cares enough about our health that we have gotten our vaccines. I ran and got my last booster as soon as it was available, even though I questioned having another booster. But I did fine with all of them, and pray I’m done with them. As I said last year, it is my choice rather it be a good one or a bad one. I want to do my part to protect my family if possible. I have forced myself to go out and socialize more in 2022, so hopefully I am back with the living world. 

Here is praying that 2023 will be a much better year and that we can all live in harmony as we continue with our economy and health struggles. 

We appreciate all of our contributors and hope that you will let them know that you saw them in The Women’s Journal and that you appreciate that they take the time to educate you even with their busy schedules. 

If you can’t find a copy of The Women’s Journal, do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] 

The Women’s Journal TEAM wishes to acknowledge the many blessings we are thankful for, and the privilege of working with you and our many business partners. THANK YOU. We wish you, and yours a memorable and Happy 2023!

Pamela Rizzo, Publisher