The Women's Journal

Publisher’s Note

2nd Quarter 2024

Dear Readers

Welcome to spring and hopefully some warmer weather. My granddaughter Simone has been telling me all winter that we need to travel to warm weather. Her favorite place to travel, of course, is the same as mine, Puerto Rico (I have trained her well). She informed me that it is always warm in PR, and that winter is when we should be searching out the sunshine. Some of the concepts she understands at only 4 years old truly amaze me. Unfortunately, she is growing up way too fast. I realize that the happiest times of my life are spent with my grandchildren. They certainly keep me young. Or they may kill me, since Bodhi thinks I am just a big kid who needs to climb the rope ladder, to capture him. When they say that boys are totally different, they are not kidding: bugs, worms, and throwing anything that they can get their hands on are par for the course. But as different as they are, I wouldn’t want to change one thing about them. 

We want to welcome our new clients who came on with The Women’s Journal this issue, and also checkout each of our faithful contributors. If you can’t find a copy of The Women’s Journal, do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected].   

Thanks, Pamela