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How To Craft An Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

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By Brooke Miles, Delaware ShoutOut


Are you looking for a new job? Or are you happy with your job but want to expand your professional network? Either way, you should be on LinkedIn—a professional social networking site that boasts more than 500 million users worldwide. Job seekers, recruiters, and savvy networkers use LinkedIn like crazy. Here’s your chance to promote your personal brand and get noticed.

Success on LinkedIn starts with your personal profile. Your profile should be good. Really good. Think of your profile as a cross between a website landing page and a resume on steroids. It tells the world why they should work with you.

Here’s how to build a LinkedIn profile you can be proud of:

Include a (quality) headshot

Having a headshot will help build trust. If you can, get your headshot from a professional photographer. If that’s beyond your budget, just use a high-resolution photo that’s as professional looking as possible. Also, your photo should be no more than four or five years old—we all must be truthful about our age! Finally, make sure the photo is a close-up of your face so that people can see you.

Write a powerful headline

The headline is the 120-character space near your photo. It should convey the value you deliver. For instance, one Delaware professional’s LinkedIn headline reads: “Cooking up Award-Winning Meals for Corporate Events, Weddings, and More!” This communicates much more than “Owner, XYZ Catering Company.” The headline is a highly visible part of your profile, so make it count.

Write in the first person

This means using words like “I,” “me,” and “myself.” After all, that’s how you refer to yourself when talking with people. When you’re selling your personal brand, you need to be authentic and speak in your natural “voice.”

Use proper spelling and grammar

Would you arrive at a job interview in a T-shirt and ripped jeans? Of course not. But that’s essentially what you’re doing on LinkedIn when you make spelling and grammatical errors. You need to show people that you care about the details (and care about your career).

Complete all sections of your profile

This includes listing all your current and previous jobs. If you’re afraid people will judge you for your past career, don’t be. Nearly all of us navigate through a maze of jobs before arriving at the job we want. In addition to your work experience, be sure to list your volunteer work, memberships at organizations, awards, and educational background.

Once you’ve optimized your profile, connect with as many people as you can! LinkedIn also allows you to post updates (like on Facebook, but more positive and professional), publish original blog articles, and more. Whether you’re seeking career or networking opportunities, I encourage you to explore everything LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn has done wonders for my own business! If you have questions about LinkedIn or want to share your own success story, please connect with me.


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