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Buying A New Home Is A Big Deal!

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By Harry Whiteman, Realtor®

Do you know the adage that says buying your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make? No doubt you know it and you get bombarded with real estate commercials that will drive that point home (see what we did there). Not to mention all of the other information related to real estate out there which will advise you on how to buy and sell, how to stage, negotiate the best deal, get the best financing, pick the best tenants, if you have investment properties, and so on. We could write a book – to add to the countless number already written and now available at your bargain book outlet, but I don’t think you want to read that, especially here! I hope you find a few pieces of information useful, or you pass it on to someone else you know that might. 

How is the market? 

In real estate, one of the top questions any agent will be asked is – how is the market? Most agents will tell you it is good. It’s always good. There it is, I said it. The real estate market is always good. It just depends on where you are in the market, and whether or not it is good right now for you. We are still seeing lower inventory and higher interest rates (than we saw in the past several years), which is putting pressure on buyers. If you have been thinking about buying and you’re reading this – you’re probably thinking, right no kidding. If you’re thinking about selling right now, but you scored an interest rate that is less than half of what current rates are, and the thought of selling and giving up that rate has you in sellers’ paralysis, don’t despair, you’re not alone. There is good news – many lenders have creative ways to assist in making a leap into a new and/or additional property. 

Did you know Realtors® do a LOT more than take you on that house tour? 

Many have watched an episode of “House Hunters” or a similar show. My wife and I like house-hunting homes in the beach areas. Did you know that Realtors® often serve as valuable resources within their communities, not only in the realm of real estate transactions but also as hubs for information and referrals to various trade professionals? As mentioned previously when talking about lenders, by developing a robust network of trusted contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians, and other service providers, real estate agents can connect community members with reliable experts when needed. This not only enhances the realtor’s reputation as a knowledgeable and helpful resource but also fosters a sense of community support and engagement. Additionally, by staying informed about local market trends, upcoming developments, and relevant resources, real estate agents can provide valuable insights and guidance to clients and community members alike.

Are you looking to save money when either buying or selling? 

There is a lot of talk right now about real estate commissions and how that would/will impact the pricing of real estate transactions. We can’t ignore there will be changes, but I’ll let you in on a secret, some of the reported savings will not happen, and the costs will just shift. That being said, there are opportunities to save BIG money if you do find yourself in the market. We have programs for individuals, and if you have a business and offer benefits, we have cost savings programs you can add to your benefits package for your employees –  at NO cost to your company. 

Have a great rate, why move? 

Homeowners facing the decision to upsize or downsize often benefit immensely from enlisting the expertise of a real estate agent. These professionals serve as invaluable guides, navigating the complexities of the market and offering tailored advice to meet individual needs. For those looking to upsize, agents can scout properties that align with their desired expansion, leveraging their network to unearth hidden gems that fit both budget and preference. Conversely, homeowners seeking to downsize can rely on agents to help them market their current property effectively while finding a new home that perfectly suits their evolving lifestyle. With their intricate knowledge of local trends, negotiation skills, and understanding of legal nuances, real estate agents serve as indispensable partners in the journey toward a new chapter of homeownership.

Thinking about updates . . . they do pay off but think wisely! 

Investing in updates and making sound design decisions for a home is paramount for increasing its value for equity and maximizing resale potential. Beyond the mere aesthetic appeal, thoughtful renovations and design choices can significantly enhance a property’s marketability and overall worth. Upgrading key features such as kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring not only modernizes the home but also improves functionality and livability, appealing to a wider range of potential buyers. Moreover, investing in energy-efficient upgrades like insulation, windows, and HVAC systems not only reduces utility costs but also boosts the home’s eco-friendly appeal, a growing priority for many buyers. By prioritizing timeless design elements and quality materials, homeowners can ensure their investment yields substantial returns in both equity growth and resale value, positioning their property as an attractive asset in the competitive real estate market.


Harry Is a Realtor® with eXp Realty in Delaware. Licensed for over a decade and located in Dover, Harry serves all of Delaware. Harry is a Delaware native, graduating from Dover High School with degrees from Del Tech and Wilmington University.  Harry is a proud husband, father, and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. When Harry isn’t with his family or helping his real estate clients, you can find him at his Masonic Lodge, teaching classes at Whiskey University (yes, it’s a real school – ask him) or looking for great local eateries.

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