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What Makes This Soap Soooo Different???

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By Julia Dunning, Soaper!

First of all, these bars last insanely long. Because they are approximately 50% butters, and they cure for 8 weeks, they don’t melt away in the shower in a week like most soaps do. Also they are BIG 5-6 ounce bars. 

Your skin has to look great, be healthy and resilient for close to a century!

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Arguably permeable, especially with the warmth and moisture of the shower. And duh, we all want our hair to be healthy and look awesome.

My soaps and shampoos have 7-9 different botanical oils and butters in them

Even the soaps you buy from your natural food store, or homemade artisan soaps, are mostly made from; coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and palm oil, maybe sweet almond oil or shea butter too. I use these as well, but for the majority of bars, they are not my primary ingredients. I use; evening primrose oil, passion fruit seed oil, cherry kernel oil, peach kernel oil, milk thistle oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, illipe butter, mango butter, babassu oil. Your skin and hair get the property-benefits of ALL of these. I can’t make claims as to each ingredient’s benefits. But if you google them quick – you will be amazed and so pleased you are using them! 

Shower with a side of beef? Eeeee no thanks!

I don’t use lard, tallow or any animal fats!


Most of my soaps are vegan, aside from bee products in some recipes; bee pollen, local beeswax, propolis and/or local honey. I am supporting local farmers that support the bees.

Virgin, organic . . . yes! Solvent extracted . . . no!

We know organic is a goal, but what is “virgin”? Did you know oils can be solvent-extracted? And bleached and deodorized as part of their refinement? So if it doesn’t say “virgin” it could mean these things. My goal is virgin organic. If any refinement needs to take place I make sure I am ok with the process.

Therapeutic grade essential oils

My bars are scented only with therapeutic grade essential oils or the natural scent from the botanicals used in the soaps. No fragrance oils or chemicals! I don’t use the cheap essential oils produced just for the scent, what might their properties do??? yikes! Essential oils are powerful health tools. So don’t expect the overwhelming smells you will get from artificial fragrance oils.


All colors are vegetarian, made from flowers, leaves, roots, clays, fruits. Also bee pollen and activated charcoal.


Each bar is sold in a compostable cellophane bag, for protection and sanitariness.

look for these soaps this summer:

flowers & honey soap

floral breeze soap

open ocean soap

backshore sunrise soap

beach rose soap

soothing ocean waves soap

white peony & orange blossom soap

backyard mint soap

evening primrose soap

peaches & cream soap

have you tried bar shampoo? 

no conditioner or styling product needed. made with argan oil & french green clay.

homemade soap

made on peaks island, maine

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