Too Count Calories Or Not

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Too Count Calories Or NotBy Jenn Adams


We all have counted calories that pesky unit of energy. We know junk food contains high calories and no nutritional value. Whole foods such as whole eggs, grass-fed meats, whole milk, and real butter are also considered high calorie but are very nutrient dense.  I will gladly indulge in a 160 calorie sprouted grain English muffin filled with six different grains and legumes. It not only is a complex carbohydrate but a complete protein too. The 100-calorie cookie snack pack may temporarily cure that sweet tooth, but an hour later feeling lethargic, cranky, and hungry.  We should probably be more concerned about counting the chemicals in our food than calories.

Nutritional labels are required on all processed foods by the FDA.  Interestingly, the calorie count is allowed a 20% window of error, which means the 100-calorie snack pack could actually be more calories.  The myth that low fat products are lower in calories and better for you is simply not true. The removed fat is often replaced with sugar. Fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, K, & D) are stored in fat. When the fat is removed from the product so are the vitamins.  Often these vitamins are added back to the product synthetically. These chemicals are not assimilated by our bodies, stored as fat, and can lead to disease.

Calorie counters tend to focus more on counting than the actual art of eating, enjoying the food, and listening to the body’s intuition.  The stress of calorie counting leads to extra cortisol production, which is the stress hormone. The overproduction of cortisol taxes the adrenal system and is immediately stored as fat defeating the purpose of calorie counting.

Eating whole foods eliminates the stress of calorie counting and nourishes the body, mind, and soul. The ingredients are the actual whole foods prepared. There is no need to worry about extra scary chemicals or reading labels. Instead of counting calories make your calories count by eating real food. Free your mind and your body will naturally start burning calories quicker.

Jenn Adams, owner of Fresh Thymes Café, is originally from Illinois and grew up in a farming family.  She understands the importance of supporting local farms.  Her mission is to educate and provide quality local and organic food for the community.

Fresh Thymes, a quaint cafe nestled near Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE provides a local, organic, & seasonal food experience. We also provide gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options.  We look forward to meeting you soon! More information can be found

Publisher’s Testimonial:

If you have not tried this wonderful café then you are truly missing a unique, wonderful food experience.  The food is extremely fresh, and it is wonderfully prepared.  I love the quaint atmosphere as well.  Bring your friends and enjoy a wonderful meal.


Too Count Calories Or Not