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The Uglier Side Of Shingles

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By Dr. Ashley Adams, founder DelMarVa Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Mothers have described it as a “pain worse than labor;” others compare it to passing a kidney stone. Affecting more than 18% of shingles patients, PHN causes you to experience the pain of active shingles for longer than three months, and in some cases, years after the rash has dissipated.

Charlie N. of Milford, DE shares his story. “I had been diagnosed with shingles, and I thought it was going to be like the flu or any other virus; I’d have it and then get over it. Two months later, the blisters were gone but the pain was so intense I was begging them to put me in the hospital and just put me out.”

During shingles, the virus injures nerves in and around the skin where the rash and blisters occur. Your immune system eventually suppresses the virus and the rash and blisters disappear. Unfortunately, nerve damage often disrupts the function of your nervous system and the damaged nerves send random, uncontrolled pain signals to the brain causing lasting, debilitating pain. Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is what they call this. It’s a complication following a bout of shingles and is often ranked in the top 5 most painful things a human can experience in their lifetime.

“I couldn’t sleep,” said Charlie, almost in tears. “I was always in pain. I couldn’t get out of the house. I thought it was going to kill me.”

PHN pain has been described as burning, throbbing, stabbing, even gnawing. It has a tendency to escalate to unbearable levels, episodes that Charlie referred to as “seizures.” “You can actually feel them coming on, so you know you’re about to be in major pain and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

This pain can gradually go away, return intermittently, or in the worst cases, be with you for the rest of your life.

Charlie’s wife wasn’t willing to take that chance and sought the expertise of Dr. Ashley Adams of DelMarVa Acupuncture & Wellness Center. “Sadly, we have seen an increase in PHN cases both at DelMarVa Acupuncture, and the clinics I consult for across the country. My PHN patients are some of the most tragic cases I’ve seen. The pain these people experience is just beyond words. Fortunately, I am able to offer them real hope!”

“I started going for treatment and it kept getting better. After about a month I told Dr. Adams ‘I’m going to play golf again!’” shared Charlie. “It’s changed my life.”

“Our ATP Resonance BioTherapy is the real winner here,” says Dr. Adams. “ATP treats PHN twofold. It both eradicates residual shingles virus which reduces future episodes, and it aids in repairing damaged nerves. Nerves have the ability to regenerate and repair on their own, our ATP therapy ensures and supercharges that process.”

It should also be noted that if ATP Resonance BioTherapy is used to treat an active case of shingles, the lifespan of the active virus and the chances that you’ll develop PHN reduce significantly.

In asking Charlie “What do you think would’ve happened if you never found Dr. Adams?” His response was, “That’s for a different conversation.”

Dr. Adams elaborates, “as a person, you can only handle so much pain. Charlie is on the other side of this now and to me, that’s most important!”

If you or a loved one is experiencing the pain of an active shingles outbreak or is now suffering from Postherpetic Neuralgia, Dr. Adams and the staff at DelMarVa Acupuncture & Wellness Center are here to help!

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Dr. Ashley Adams, founder of DelMarVa Acupuncture & Wellness Center, is using the time tested science of Acupuncture, combined with technology originally developed by NASA that assists in increasing blood flow and expediting recovery and healing, to treat this debilitating disease.

DelMarVa Acupuncture uses the most cutting edge and innovative integrative medicine. Specializing in chronic pain cases, specifically those that have been deemed “hopeless” or “untreatable,” she consistently generates unparalleled results. What was once a missing link in senior healthcare is now easily accessible to the residents of Milford and surrounding areas.

If you’ve missed too many tee times because of pain, or you’ve passed on dancing along to songs of your youth because you’re afraid of falling, it’s time to give yourself a new opportunity!


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