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Inclusion Matters At Easterseals

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By Natalie Scott

Today, Scarlett and her older brothers Jackson and Ryder race around the playground exploring every area together. Their parents, Kelsey and Jonathan, beam with pride not only because they want Scarlett to be fully included in her brother’s lives, but also because they know that one year ago, these cherished moments would not have been possible. One year ago, Scarlett was not able to stand, let alone run, but now thanks to the help of Easterseals Children’s Therapy services, Scarlett can keep up with her brothers.

“When we first got the diagnosis, it was overwhelming. We felt like we were barely keeping our heads above water,” Kelsey says. “Easterseals has been there for us, not just physically but emotionally. Michelle, the therapist, always has the patience to work with her whether it is a great day or a bad day. She is always willing to change her plans accordingly. She is always encouraging and motivating. Scarlett loves going to therapy.”

Due to weakened muscles, especially in Scarlett’s legs, and multiple hospital visits, she was falling behind developmentally. When Scarlett started receiving physical therapy with Easterseals, she was unable to crawl. Since then, she has learned to walk and run, which is a huge milestone since she really enjoys playing with her big brothers. Following a recent surgery, Scarlett also started feeding therapy to help her tolerate more textures as she eats, and expand her food palette.  

“Easterseals is such a game changer. There is a world of difference in Scarlett. Her growth is eye opening,” Kelsey says. “Her brothers are so helpful. They love her and want to help her. Her victories are their victories. They have a bond like no other.”

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore has built a reputation as a trusted provider of children’s therapy services, specializing in treating children ages birth through eighteen years with a variety of challenges. For Scarlett, that means continuing to work on more independent steps and gaining strength in her legs through creative, playful activities that go beyond traditional services. 

“Everyone at Easterseals is excited about her milestones. Everyone cares and it truly shows. We are grateful for everyone at Easterseals,” Kelsey says. “It takes a village. It is a hard journey to walk, but you are not alone. Keep going, knowing tomorrow is a new day.”

Hundreds of children each year receive physical, speech and occupational therapy through Easterseals’ statewide Children’s Therapy Services, including their location in New Castle.  Easterseals plays a critical role in providing needed therapy for children with a variety of disabilities whether short or long-term. Children with and without disabilities will find the highest quality services designed to meet their individual needs. For more information about Easterseals Children’s Therapy services call 302-324-4444.

Easterseals in New Castle County is located at 61 Corporate Circle, New Castle, Delaware. Please visit our website and see all of our services for people of all ages and abilities 


61 Corporate Circle, New Castle, DE 19720

Please visit our website and see all of our services for people of all ages and abilities