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The Key To Unlock True Healing This Spring

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By Nate Metz, The Green Shaman

Is your commitment and resolve for change that inspired you at New Year’s quickly fading along with the long winter nights? It happens to almost everyone – change can be hard. To get back on track you need renewal of your spirit and vitality, which you can do with the right understanding of your path.

Find deeper meaning in your wholeness to understand your path of healing. The seasonal energies of spring are all about rapid expansion, fecundity and novelty. The burgeoning flora show us the fever pitch rate at which life wants change. It seems like overnight, the trees flush with vibrant green buds, song birds serenade the dawn and a warm breeze flushes your cheeks in time for tulips and daffodils to rise up. You see, nature wants you as well to go and do — to be your most fantastic, radiant self!

There is a little secret to harness the energy of spring, though. If you really want lasting change, it requires surrender. You may think surrender is all about giving up, giving in, accepting defeat or more bluntly, losing. Who wants to be a loser? Well that’s not really what surrender means. There is no white flag here. Surrender is really a way to release and let go – a way to enable change. Surrender accepts present circumstances, recognizes the futile urge to fight the reality of what is and marks a shift in awareness towards unity and connection. Surrender is not a power play of control. Surrender is a decision to change your attitude that allows healing to occur.

So, let go of your incessant need for control. When your willingness and openness for growth and healing replace an iron-clad willpower, the gates of true healing swing wide open. Take yourself out of the center of every equation and get ready for a miraculous shift in your life. Surrender reaches down to the very deepest part of who you are, fundamentally changing your perception of the world around you. The problems and blocks you are facing in staying dedicated to making healthy changes soften as you gain the ability to brainstorm creative solutions. Surrender doesn’t mean that no problems exist; surrender gives you the means to solve them.

Surrender is in fact a set of behaviors, attitudes and emotions filled with courage, hope, wisdom and community because you are accepting outside help. You have the advantage of holistic health and alternative modalities to empower your growth. There are so many wonderful therapies and tools to assist you in learning to surrender and to be supported in the healing process.. This can be from friends and family, doctors, therapists, counselors, sponsors and most importantly from a higher power. You are truly not alone, separate or disconnected – not ever. Spring reminds you that surrender is beautiful, empowering and inevitable.

By offering healing ceremonies The Green Shaman offers insight for new understanding and trust in the unfolding of your current life circumstances, providing a pathway for full resolution and integration of this gained spiritual wisdom within your daily life. These services include Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval and Star Healing.

Kaya Wellness Center offer mat yoga, aerial yoga in both public classes and private instruction, SUP and beach yoga, massage, body work, reiki, acupuncture and several other healing modalities. Please call 302-227-3450 or e-mail [email protected] to learn more about our services and how they will help you find renewal on your life path this spring.


“I’m so very fortunate to have your encouragement through this process — what you explained to me about my situation on a higher spiritual level and how it will all work for the best is something for which I’m tremendously grateful and hopeful.”  – CT

“The experience was above and beyond my expectations. Nate’s guidance was masterful and nurturing.”  – JK

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