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Make Better Memories

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By Nate Metz, The Green Shaman


Better is one of those ear-marked words for a judgmental person. Plurality and political correctness have made it difficult to determine if and when something is actually better. Right? Says who? How you celebrate the milestones and special occasions is one area that we can all improve upon. Better in this instance is about being more true to who you are at a very fundamental level – alive. A simple approach of asking about the bottom line – Does “this” encourage life? – Will guide you to making better memories.

Growing up, when family or friends got together, we partied the right way. We’d stay up late, share stories, laugh, cry – eat comfort food, drink our fill – and love almost every minute of it – until the next day. Every time it was the same thing – I cherished the inside jokes, quirks, hugs, but my body didn’t feel like that. The truth: we weren’t celebrating in the most life-affirming way, and it sent my biological systems into panic mode trying to function normally.

I’ve traveled to other parts of the world and country and found the same is true away from home. Family traditions and intoxicated decision making are two staples when it comes to getting friends and family together; both of which are notorious for being misaligned with general good health practices. Specifically, over-indulgence – refined sugar, white flour, alcohol, sitting around, 2nd helpings – is the favorite way to party.

When I step back in reflection of my identity and who I want to be, I see a glaring inconsistency between why I was celebrating and how I actually felt while celebrating. Can you imagine a way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or reunion that included activities that made you a better person? Celebrating as a cohesive unit has a long list of health benefits and social skills that could be undermined by how you celebrate.

This line of reasoning is not to induce guilt, blame or shame, but instead to challenge you into choosing some of the time to celebrate with your friends and family in a positive way. The health and fitness trend is a national buzz, possibly reaching a saturation point. But, this is about you! You can choose to make better memories, share your inspiration and hope with the people you care for most deeply.

I am very blessed to organize private parties and teach yoga with some of those private groups at Kaya Wellness Center. It is so heart-warming and beautiful when a group tries something new like aerial yoga or a group of 12 women on a bachelorette weekend do yoga on the beach in the morning. More and more people are choosing activities that are fun, exciting, but also challenging because they strengthen the bonds of family and friendship in a much more meaningful and lasting way. So, next time you’re ready to get down – what will it be?


“Great personalized experience, Kaya made a great match for us – an instructor that perfectly met our needs… Our time at Kaya was the highlight of our long weekend!”  – Jenny

“The girls at the bachelorette party had a great time! Thank you again for coordinating everything with us and making the suggestion about getting yoga mats in the bride’s wedding color! Thanks again.”   – Shelley

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