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Recycle Your Unworn Jewelry For A Happier Holiday

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Free up some cash for Holiday gifts or for that Winter Vacation you have always wanted…

In past issues I have outlined how beneficial it is to look to your local Jewelry stores to sell you unwanted Gold and Silver Jewelry and how and why to avoid the pit falls of the “We Buy Gold” phenomenon.  What better time is there to review than now as we head into the Holidays when everyone can use a little extra cash? Also, I would like to elaborate on how to maximize your Holiday purchase power with our trade option.

So who sells their gold and unwanted Jewelry?… In a word – Everyone! We see people from all walks of life from many diverse socio economic backgrounds come in with Jewelry that is broken, unworn, unwanted, or simple all the above.  Some people need cash to pay bills, some just would rather have the extra $$, others just don’t want excess lying around tempting would be thieves… Let’s face it, the economy today could be better and is forcing everyone to think a bit differently.

We Buy Gold Too…

It seems you can’t get very far today without seeing those three little words… The “We Buy Gold” phenomenon is a result of the recent shift in global economic markets in the past few years. The Value of Gold has simply skyrocketed to unimaginable levels.

Many people are unaware that the safest, most reliable and most beneficial place to go to sell your Gold and Silver is at your favorite local Jewelry store. Most Jewelry stores are willing and able to buy your unwanted Gold and Silver. Why not go where you have comfortably shopped in the past? Why not go somewhere you are confident that they will not be “gone tomorrow”?  Why not go where you have a choice to either sell your items or in many cases receive a trade in value that is even more? Why not go somewhere where your good condition jewelry can be purchased as Jewelry and not as scrap? Your local Jewelry store is the smartest place to take your unwanted Gold and Silver!

Unfortunately most people unknowingly go to one of the dedicated gold buying places and simply do not get the maximum monetary value their transaction deserves… These places include:

*Brightly painted “We Buy Gold” newly opened store fronts

*Mall Kiosk

*Hotel “Gold Party”

*Sell your Gold by Mail

While all of these may seem to be convenient options they all have negatives that are a little different except for one major commonality – They are all in business to profit solely on your gold value – they keep the lights on, pay the rent, and put money in their pockets.  When you use your local Jewelry store you get to enjoy the benefit of selling your gold to the same people you trust when you buy jewelry.

At the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware we pride ourselves in taking our time with each and every client and making sure you will understand all of their options when selling your Jewelry.

*First we invite you into a private office. To us the sanctity of your business is paramount.

*We then evaluate your items, often finding hidden value – monetary and/or sentimental.

*We then will show you what the current price of Gold is and explain how that is broken down by the different purities (10kt, 14kt, 18kt, etc)

*Finally we show you a spreadsheet that will give you a breakdown of what we will pay you today in cash for each item, what we will offer you in trade and what we would be willing to consign your item for.

*From there you are at your own discretion whether to sell, trade, or consign with us. If you decide you are not ready to sell you are welcome to think about it.

We often have times where we listen to your memories of the items and understand how you really hate to part with a particular item; in these situations we can recommend redesign ideas of the sentimental piece to suit your current style. Some pieces are worth more than their weight monetary value and we feel that as a family business it is our duty to help point that out when we feel it necessary.

We Trade too…

Keep in mind that you always get 20%-40% more in trade value to be used for a new purchase here at the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware.  During this Holiday Season this might just be a great way to give a great gift!