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By Carole Martin

Do you want to solve a reoccurring health challenge, lose unwanted extra pounds, beat inflammation and feel more energized every day?

I’m Carole, and I am a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

Are you aware . . . The food we eat contributes to how we think and to the lifestyle we choose for our lives. It’s very true that when we eat “crappy” foods, we think “crappy thoughts!” Your life’s choices will also be affected. Starting to eating with whole, plant-based foods is the beginning to a “Healthy” balanced life. 

Our Mindset and how we define ourselves play an important role to our health. Are your thoughts filled with negativity? Re-defining our thoughts, beliefs and identity, is the work that influences our choices. 

By removing some foods from your diet and lifestyle, you may be able to relieve joint pain and inflammation.  

“Food is medicine.” I am sure you’ve heard this, right? And there’s truth to this IF you’re eating and digesting the RIGHT foods for YOU . . . But what happens when you ingest foods that promote inflammation in your body? Food can have a powerful influence on your rheumatoid arthritis by calming your joint pain and inflammation and boosting your energy, but it can also do the exact opposite . . . Foods you eat actually tell the cells of your immune system to trigger or calm inflammation. Food is more powerful than you know!

I received my certification from The International Association of Wellness Professionals, a global leader in holistic health and wellness training. My health passion all began while enduring my own struggle with inflammation. As I love to garden, when I plant, weed and harvest, my fingers and wrists paid the consequences. I continuously ached all over, and realized I had inflammation occurring throughout my body. I was depressed and along with poor eating habits and lack of exercise, it was a recipe for disaster.  

I began my new journey towards a more balanced, healthier, more satisfying life: Eating more whole, plant-based foods, incorporating essential oils in my daily routine, and yoga was my new best friend. Sure enough, I realized that you must treat your whole being to be healthy and happy. 

Helping others achieve healthy, happy and pain free lives is my new passion and life’s work. As a holistic health and wellness coach, I focus on getting you healthy and happy.

When your life is out of balance, your health will most likely suffer, resulting in unhealthy habits that may lead to chronic disease such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer or risk of having a stroke.

I help men and women rekindle their inner spirit; attain a healthy weight, combat any inflammation, improve energy, & create a balanced, amazing life.  

Here’s what’s involved in my weight loss/beat inflammation program:

  • First day to Detox – to rid of the body of toxins and reboot digestion
  • Provide a customized meal plan, specific for your challenges and to reach your goals.
  • Help you become more relaxed to cope with life’s challenges. 
  • Help you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep all night and wake up energized and feeling fresh.
  • When you achieve your desired weight, I set you up with the tools and meal planning techniques to help you keep the weight off for a lifetime. My goal is to support you to reach your health goals and create a life you love to wake up to everyday!

If you are ready and committed to losing the weight for good and reversing your inflammation, please contact me ASAP for your lose weight/beat inflammation Discovery Session.

This will get us started to move you into your Healthy and Happy lifestyle you deserve!

“Working with Carole, I now have a better understanding of how to plan healthier meals that give me more energy & assist with weight loss. I Love the constant support. Carole’s personality, appearance and passion to help others speaks volumes to her knowledge of ‘Health & Well Being’ . . . I feel privileged to have you in my life!”  ~ Dee

Carole Martin     302-420-3605

Healthy And Happy With Carole

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