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How To Boost Your Immune System!

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By Sue Bennett

Did you know that using your cellphone, WIFI, routers, computers  emits EMFs which affect your body’s ability to regenerate or fight off infection which decreases your immunity?

EMFs are electromagnetic frequencies that you don’t see or smell, but they are everywhere. 

They can affect your immunity at the cellular level! It’s more important right now to do more to boost your immunity! We are all under tremendous stress, and more than ever our bodies need additional support. We need every defense and artillery to fight off the Flu and Covid-19 this season. 

Here are some easy things to do to help you:

  • Keep a distance from all your EMF emitting devices.
  • Take your vitamins, particularly Vit D3, Zinc, Vitamin C and drink lots of water.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep 
  • Wear Magnetude Jewelry to help replace the depletion of your electrical energy.
  • Magnetude Jewelry uses the strongest bio-magnets to attach our gemstones to our jewelry. 

These powerful bio-magnets help to replace the energy that is depleted at the cellular level 24/7 from EMFs.

Everything that uses electricity gives off EMFs, and they are getting stronger, particularly with 5G. 

Don’t get caught this winter with a decreased immune system. Do the simple things to mitigate the negative effects of EMFs. We made it fun and interchangeable for the entire family!  We even have pet tags for your fur babies because they are exposed just like you. 


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