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Heal Your Injuries Without Surgery

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By Dr. Brian Shiple

Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to stiffness and achiness in your joints? Do you have trouble sleeping because of pain? Do you have to count the number of steps you take in a day before you have to get off your feet for the rest of the day? Do you have difficulty completing your work out or hitting your forehand shot because you are limited by a chronic painful injury? You are not alone.

Chronic pain has become a widespread problem in our country. Some may even call it an epidemic. The options we have to treat these chronic pain patients are most often limited to narcotics for pain control leading to a high risk of dependency or worse yet, addiction, high dose steroid injections, which can cause worsening of your arthritic joint, osteoporosis or tendon rupture among numerous other adverse effects, anti-inflammatory drugs which can cause heart attacks, kidney failure and bleeding ulcers and surgeries which many times fail and lead these patients back to their prescription pain medication for life. Whether your pain is due to a failed surgery, a chronic injury, or just good old wear and tear that comes with aging it can affect your life, drastically.

We want you to know that there are other treatment options than pain medications, steroid injections, and surgery. Here at The Center for Sports Medicine we offer numerous cutting edge non-operative orthopedic procedures to help relieve chronic pain and help patients to get their lives back.

Dr. Shiple, a previous Top Doc of Philadelphia Magazine and author of Regenerative Healing for Life (, has developed a national reputation of being one of the top physicians in the country in the development of a new field of orthopedic medicine known as Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM). This new field of orthopedic medicine uses the patient’s own tissues to perform minimally invasive ultrasound or x-ray guided injections to help heal injured tissue such as tendon tears, ligament tears and muscle tears, repair cartilage tears and help either repair or slow down the degenerative process involved in many forms of arthritis.

Dr. Shiple has been performing bone marrow derived stem cell treatments, adipose fat graft treatments and platelet rich plasma at a very high level longer than anyone in the Philadelphia region, period. He cares for many physicians and top athletes from surrounding states and patients come from all over the world for his expertise. As the 2nd Regenexx affiliate practice he recently left the network to continue to pursue new cutting edge treatments that are being developed around the world as we speak.

The most successful osteoarthritis treatment that we offer is an adult, autologous bone marrow derived stem cell injection treatment. This is different from the controversial embryonic stem cell that is often debated. Your own bone marrow derived stem cells are harvested by bone marrow aspiration from the iliac crest in the lower back on either side of the lumbar spine, or are harvested from a minimally invasive mini-liposuction procedure if we decide to use your adipose fat tissue for your treatment. The stem cells are concentrated during processing and combined with your concentrated blood platelets, and if necessary, your adipose fat tissue. The growth factors, stem cells, pericytes, and exosomes in your bone marrow, blood, and fat all work to help prevent the advancement of osteoarthritis and heal tendon, cartilage, muscle and ligament tears. In cases of end-stage osteoarthritis your bone marrow or fat cells can also be injected directly into the affected bone to help decrease inflammation and promote bone healing when the bone has been diagnosed as developing bone death or necrosis.

We also offer other minimally invasive injection procedures including platelet rich plasma injections (PRP), fractured fat grafting injections, prolotherapy dextrose injections, viscosupplementation, steroid, and superficial, near nerve, dextrose injection treatments and peripheral nerve hydrodissection procedures for nerve entrapment syndromes. If there is an effective minimally invasive non-surgical way to fix your injury or orthopedic condition, chances are Dr. Shiple has years of experience already doing just that. Go to where the doctors go for help. Please, call the office for a consultation to find out which procedure may be right for you.


In June of 2010 I completely ruptured my right medial collateral ligament (MCL) in a wave runner incident. Dr. Shiple administered two courses of PRP injection therapy despite some misgivings of repairing a complete MCL tear with PRP. Thirty days after the first injection the ultrasound showed tissue forming where the MCL had been torn. Thirty days after the second injection, the MCL was present and clearly observable on ultrasound. Clinically, my injured right knee was 100% stable and no pain was experienced on ligament testing – a mere sixty days after the injection therapy commenced. Thanks to Dr. Shiple and PRP, I am pain free and able to engage in all activities!  – Mark Gallagher


Dr. Brian Shiple is a highly accomplished sports medicine and family practice board certified physician. Dr. Shiple is one of the leading interventional regenerative medicine physicians on the east coast and uses platelet rich plasma and adult stem cells for the healing of musculoskeletal conditions. He has been practicing age management wellness and aesthetic medicine for over 8 years. He has been in practice for 22 years and is a highly sought after speaker, educator, and author.

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