Gyrotonic Training

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 WIP_Nancy Hawkins Riggs_sqBy Nancy Hawkins Rigg,
Founder and Owner, Forever Fit Foundation

What is the Gyrotonic Expansion System?  Breaking down the word Gyrotonic, Gyro-means spiral or circular and Tonic-means to tone or invigorate, we have a system of movement based on yoga, swimming, ballet, Tai Chi and gymnastics.  “It’s like swimming on land”, touts Gyrotonic trainer Nancy Hawkins Rigg.  Rigg is the only Gyrotonic instructor in the State of Delaware and her business Forever Fit Foundation is the only place to train.  “Gyrotonic is a three-dimensional fluid system of exercises in limitless directions.  This allows a person to stretch, bend, twist and turn muscles with minimal effort and there is no stress on the joints.”

Most traditional pieces of fitness equipment segment the body such as:  chest, back, biceps, abdominals, etc.  The Gyrotonic Expansion System provides a flow workout for the entire body, not just certain parts of it.  Gyrotonic exercises improve cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation and neuromuscular rejuvenation.

The technique is used for sports specific, therapeutic and general body conditioning. “We have a wide variety of individuals who are trained on the Gyrotonic.  A lot of our clients are recovering from injuries ranging from back to shoulders to hips.  Several of our clients have neurological conditions such as: Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and brain trauma.  We train professional athletes who really improve their sports performance.  The golfers can’t seem to live without it.”

Gyrotonic movement can be used to enhance other mind-body practices including yoga and Pilates.  It also provides a gentle cardiovascular and strengthening workout option for injury rehabilitation and recovery.  It is a unique, fun and very effective training modality.

The main benefits of Gyrotonic training are:

  • Stretches & strengthens musculature
  • improves posture
  • releases the tension in the body
  • increases flexibility
  • increases range of motion
  • develops body alignment awareness
  • develops coordination
  • articulates the spine
  • puts no stress on the joints
  • creates balanced support system for the skeleton
  • improves circulation
  • reconditions the nervous system


Nancy Hawkins Riggs is the founder and owner of Forever Fit Foundation, a personal training business specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna Body Rolling and sport specific training. Forever Fit Foundation accepts clients at three sites: Dover and Lewes, Del., and Mendenhall Station, Pa., just over the Delaware line. A certified athletic trainer, she earned her bachelors degree fro the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from Miami University in Ohio. Please call (302) 423-1816 or (302) 698-5201 to schedule an appointment for more information.