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From Client to Technician

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lasting_looks_jfm18_brittnayBy Brittany Lennon, MPS

Beginning at the age of nine I struggled with hair loss. My doctor told me my thinning brows were due to stress, and that I should get used to filling them in with makeup every morning. I was only in middle school. I felt self-conscious about my eyebrows since a young age, of course, until I discovered Lasting Looks.

My Permanent Cosmetics’ journey began at Lasting Looks in 2016. I searched high and low for a trustworthy Permanent Cosmetics technician in Delaware. I came across Melisa Ferriola’s name numerous times, reading excellent reviews from both clients and physicians. I remember being blown away by the atmosphere of the spa, Melisa’s passion for changing lives, and the sense of relief I felt after my consultation.

I received Microblading as my first procedure. Melisa created hair-like strokes on my brow using a manual device and tattoo pigment, giving the appearance of a full set of eyebrows. This technique has taken the Social Media world by storm, and is common for those with sudden hair loss, or alopecia. I was eager to return to Lasting Looks for my second application to show Melisa what had happened during the healing process. My eyebrow hair had grown in due to the stimulation of the tattooing! It is called Spontaneous Hair Growth, and it happens every-so-often with clients who struggle with sparse eyebrows.

From that moment on, my future was clear. I wanted to begin a career in Permanent Cosmetics and help others the same way Melisa helped me. Coincidently, Melisa was presented the opportunity to hire another Permanent Cosmetics’ Artist at Lasting Looks.


Social Media has increased interest in Permanent Cosmetics, and there has been a surge of these procedures at the Spa. I have seen both the upside and the downside of this Microblading trend. It is clear there is a high demand for it, but with that has come a wave of untrained or poorly trained technicians attempting to cash in on the popularity.

As an employee of Lasting Looks, I was trained by Melisa with over 100 hours of home study, classroom lecture, and hand-on applications. Once I passed my exam and became a member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, I began working as a Micropigmentation Specialist at Lasting Looks. Melisa and I continue to work together on conquering the issues between the community and the Permanent Cosmetics industry. We are both working diligently to increase awareness of these issues, and encouraging uneducated technicians to seek immediate training.

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