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Updating Profile Portraits Is Important

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Debra Zeccola PhotographerDebra Zeccola, Owner, Debra Zeccola Photography

Photographs Help Us Cherish Our Most Special Memories

At Debra Zeccola Photography, we understand that you are looking for an experienced and professional photographer you can rely on to capture images to save and share for a lifetime. With over 25 years of experience as a licensed, professional photographer, my goal is to consistently provide dedicated, reliable, flexible and affordable photo service in the tri-state area. I enjoy capturing special moments, whether it’s an elaborate affair such as your engagement or wedding or classic family portraits, reunions, headshots and more.

I provide a wide range of services with the most current photographic equipment. My equipment can be transported to your desired location to make your experience more comfortable and convenient. I utilize a combination of traditional and journalistic photo styles to provide a more beautiful and realistic high definition image.

Updating Profile Portraits Is Important

Like the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In this technologically savvy world, information is available with the touch of a button. Keeping your profile photo current is just as important as keeping information up-to-date.

Current photos:

• Put the name with a face

• Helps individuals identify you

• Indicate to others that you are active with social media

• Displays that you are current with technology


A Thank You To Women’s Journal

As an admiring reader of your magazine, I never imagined having the opportunity and privilege of being a part of your works. I have always appreciated the level of professionalism within the real-life stories and information provided in your articles. It has been my pleasure to view your photos and articles. I look forward to having the ability to join such a strong journal.  I’m excited to be part of team Women’s Journal and can’t wait to add to your articles.    – Debra Zeccola


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