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How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

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By Barbara P.G. Williams, Co-owner of Belak Flowers


After completing your list of wedding choices ~ from venue to dress colors ~ your next step is selecting the particular flowers you will have in the floral designs.

Here are some handy guidelines for making those decisions.

Personal Favorites

Have you always dreamed of a total Rose wedding, always loved Calla Lilies or have you got a chic Dogwood tattoo?

Maybe your flower theme is built around the birth month flowers of you and your fiancé; even beloved or distant friends or family members.

Some are inspired by Mom’s garden. Lily Of The Valleys, Peonies, and Hydrangeas are cottage blooms that might bring back great memories. 

Or maybe the flower that started it all: a first bloom from a fiancé, from simple Daisies to Daffodils ~ Red Roses and Stargazers.

Flowers By The Month

January Carnation

February Violet

March Jonquil

April Sweet Pea

May Lily Of The Valley

June Rose

July Larkspur

August Gladiolus

September Aster

October Calendula

November Chrysanthemum

December Narcissus

Wedding Economics

Using flowers readily available on or around your wedding date makes good sense; rarity blooms  or colors can come at a price.

Flowers By The Season


Alstromeria, Lilies, Calla Lilies Lisianthus, Delphinium, Roses, Gardenias, Snapdragon, Gladiolus Stock, Hydrangea, Sunflowers, Hypericum, Tulips, Iris, Uluhe.


Boronia, Lilac, Daffodils, Lily Of The Valley, Heather, Muscari, Hyacinths, Sweet Peas, Iris, Tulips.


Ageratum, Peony, Campanula, Strawflower, Dahlias, Sunflower, Gomphrena, Tweedia, Lavender, Zinnias.


Asclepia, Hypericum, Chrysanthemums, Ilex, Dahlias, Tansy, Japanese Lanterns, Yarrow.


Amaryllis, Paperwhites, Euphorbia, Rosehips.

FiguringYour Flowers

The flower decoration budget is generally about 10% of the wedding budget. Whether your wedding is planned for an at home gathering, a grand ballroom, or a size in between, placement and quantity should be coordinated with the venue.

Always let your florist know what dollar amount you are comfortable with so the quality and quantity of flowers work for you. Your florist can take you from a simple but elegant Baby’s breath creation all the way to glorious Orchids and exotics!

Bridal bouquet                 $ _____

Bridesmaids   ___ X ____  $ _____

Flower girls   ___ X ____   $_____

Corsages      ___ X ____   $_____

Boutonnieres  ___ X ____ $ _____

Ceremony decorations     $ _____

Centerpieces   ___ X ____$ _____

Additional decorations     $ _____

Budget Considerations

Do remember, your florist answers to the wholesale marketplace and is charged higher rates for Red Roses during Valentines week than in July. The price difference is passed along Keep your season and date in mind.



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