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If Only Just A Little Relief During Treatments

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By Julia Dunning, Soaper & Owner, Maine Botanical Soaps

I can not even tell you the number of customers who have told me about how much my products have helped their skin while undergoing chemo and radiation treatments. They tell me how soothing they are, and the relief they provide during this very difficult time. When you are in the mental and emotional and physical throws of survival mode, each little treat, ritual and loving gesture you can provide yourself, is crucial.

I need to admit, this feels strange; How do I share this information without seeming like I am capitalizing on the hardship of others? I don’t know, honestly. This is a tough subject, and I hope my article reads through who I genuinely am, as a person and a business owner. When I create my recipes, I have pureness and skin health in mind. There is the energy of love and compassion that only comes from a small business creating from the heart.

How has your skin been while undergoing treatments? I have additionaly had reports of my soaps helping various skin conditions in general. Sometimes I think our skin just can’t take all the chemicals in our lives, and it is just so happy for a little pureness and goodness! I am always so happy when customers share their positive experiences.

The butter bar, which is not a soap, but an after-shower lotion bar, has been very popular in making customers’ skin happy. It has become crazy popular! My soaps have so many wonderful botanical butters and oils, and each has its own unique qualities and health benefits. This is not common, even when shopping in your natural food stores, the majority of soaps are made with just a few inexpensive oils.

This has been an unexpected benefit of creating and making my products. If I can just do a little something for others going through a difficult time, that is a very worthy business. I have such gratitude for all of my customers.

Illnesses tends to change what people are willing to eat and treat their bodies with. Many people begin to learn how to lessen their toxic load and heal themselves through simple, wholesome products. Things like natural fragrances and fragrance oils are “stated” to be natural, but if you are being picky about your body and your health, really check out ingredients and beware of tricky words in advertising. 

All of my ingredients are listed on the label of each bar and on my website as well as my social media announcements of new batches being available.

Thank you for reading!

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