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Community Banking Done Better

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160+ Years of Building Trust and Relationships 


In the banking world, there are a litany of options – from credit unions to international banks and everything in between. At Artisans’ Bank, we pride ourselves on being the local community bank for Delaware.

But what does that mean for you – the client, the small business owner, the home buyer?

We believe it means we know you and will continue to know you because the relationships you make with us aren’t short-term or simply transactional.

[1] We strive to create lasting, meaningful partnerships with the people we work with.

But what does this all mean and how do we do it? Why would we emphasize relationship building? Where are we creating these lasting partnerships? 


It is our job, 100% of the time, to help you navigate your financial needs in a way that is accessible and valuable.   We won’t sell you things you don’t need because we value your relationship over the dollar it could earn us. Why? Because people recognize when something is honestly in their best interest or if they are just being sold something.

We want our customers and clients to know that we make their valuable time and money the top priority. We don’t want you to make choices with us out of pressure or uncertainty. Partnerships are built on trust, honesty, and integrity; these are the things we bring to each table we sit at. These are the things we present to each client, old or new, who we meet with.  It is a critical part of our foundation…and what makes us valuable to our clients.

We have recently launched an improved online account opening process for personal accounts. This decision was made after careful research and study to ensure its ease of use, safety from fraud potential, and the overall needs of our clients.  The response has been overwhelming. 

We make these choices to enhance your banking experience with us and add value to our relationship. 


Simply put, we keep the customer front of mind.  As we operate, day to day and week to week, our customers are at the core of every decision we make.

On a day-to-day basis, we continue to fine-tune our approach and processes to ensure that the interactions you have with us are simple but also meaningful. If a customer walks away from a branch or meeting with us and thinks, “That wasn’t worth my time,” or “That was way too complicated,” we haven’t done our job correctly.

From a strategic vantage point, we take our time making the big decisions because we understand the ripple effects of those changes and how they will impact each aspect of the organization.  It matters to us that we get it right for you.  Our decisions are made with a focus on local impacts.

When you are counting on your accounts to operate correctly, so are we – we test, check, test again, and make sure that things are working the way they should.

And when they don’t? We do everything we can to fix it.

Banking is not a niche service. There are more banks and account types than any of us could ever count. However, we hold this accomplishment close: A community-focused bank founded in Delaware over 160 years ago – that’s something. We know what it means to be locally focused, not just for business, but for the people that it affects as well.


We recognize the importance of reintroducing the simple statement of “How can we help” because banking is a person-to-person interaction and to lose the humanity in what we do would mean we lose who we are. When we make choices it’s because they are the best decision for our customers, which makes them the best for us.

Ultimately, we are a people-driven bank.  We say this because it is our customers and employees who drive our decisions, not shareholders. We are responsible to them for each up and down, which makes us more aware of the greater impact that every single decision can have.

We make choices and spend money as if it were our household, our income, our livelihood. Our guiding principle is to be accountable to every dollar, bottom line, and customer – it always comes back to that.


Headquartered in Delaware, with branches located throughout the state, every representative of Artisans’ is a representative of Delaware.

Because while the world may change and new possibilities open, one thing will always remain the same. Artisans’ Bank is a Delaware bank.


So, in summation and with the utmost sincerity – How can we help?  

[2] We are here to be your partner and advisor for wherever life takes you, your business, your family, or your financial plans.

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