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Balancing Family, Life & Business

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Sometimes you need to learn how to keep your business from taking over and sabotaging your family life. It’s not easy, but essential.

Mike, Trisha & Arianna Fox


“It takes constant tweaking, almost on a day by day basis, to both business and family to make sure it’s balanced.” 

– Mike & Trisha Fox

It’s a fact: Busyness is the number one factor impacting families, marriages and close relationships. And if you’re a business owner or professional, and you have a family or are thinking of having a family – there are some very important things to keep in high consideration in order to maintain a balance. Unfortunately, many have forsaken one for the other, and in doing so, have lost one of those altogether – then the other is affected by the loss of the other. 

1. Dedicate a Technology-Free time

I know, almost sounds Barbaric, to take some time and free yourself from mobile life, cell phones, computers, monitors, Amazon Prime or Netflix, and so on. As the Matrix puts it, “unplug.” But the majority of healthy business families that don’t allow life to negatively impact their lives still schedule time in their chaotic schedule for their family members to interact in a physical, real-life basis. The relationships that fail usually create distance that replaces their closeness, and then they get used to it. They usually end up trying to compensate and find closeness in other things – or worse, other people.

2. The Family That Plays Together

Yes, watching movies can be fun and exciting. But for families that are strong and healthy, nothing beats real-life, physical fun.

Research has shown and proven that families that have physical entertainment such as playing, being outdoors, sports, hiking, boating, beach, etc. have stronger bonds and closeness within the family unit. It not only lifts moods, gets calories burned, opens up human interaction and brings real smiles to faces, but it generates working together, trust and an overall sense of well-being. And no, there’s not an app for that! 

3. Create Healthy Habits

Gandhi once said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

When we don’t have healthy habits that we stick to, chaos ensues. Especially for professionals that have families. Easily attainable, regular and daily habits towards a common family and business goal will help bring structure, balance and vision for all family members. Without goals and habits to reach those goals, many experience frustration, conflict, tension and are overwhelmed. Sit down together as a family and work through on paper, or iPad, and see how everyone can help be a part of the needed solutions for the overall goals and objectives.

We hope your business and family are helped in some way as we also continue to work daily to balance our own business and family. Any questions, contact us today!


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