A New Wave In Skin Care

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By Erin Donaldson

Before we are able to get into all of the advantages that DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation system has to offer (and we will get there), I think it is important to first start by explaining exactly what photo rejuvenation is and why women should be interested in what it has to offer.

What is photo rejuvenation?

Photo rejuvenation is a technology-based skin treatment that uses wavelengths of infrared and natural red light energy to promote healthier, younger looking skin. Through an energy-delivery device, Light-emitting diode (LED) lights emit the infrared and natural red wavelengths that can treat scars, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne, rosacea and other blemishes, or damaged skin textures. The red and infrared light enhances cellular metabolism, and once the LEDs reflect onto the skin’s surface, the body is stimulated to build new collagen, increase circulation and improve the functioning of the circulatory system. Both collagen and elastin tighten the skin’s elasticity and smooth out wrinkles and other surface blemishes or spots, but as we age, there is less collagen in our skin, so the infrared and red lights from this treatment help replenish the collagen we need for better skin.

Discovering DermaWave

When this advanced technology became available to estheticians, and as a Wellness Program Coordinator myself at Dawn Career Institute, I wanted to be sure that I was staying current with the highest performing skin treatments. Three years ago, I attended the International Esthetics Conference, and it was here that I researched a number of LED units and took several classes to understand the differences. I received a great recommendation from a colleague of mine who told me that DermaWave’s unit was superior in both performance and results.

DermaWave has designed a device that has the capability to read the Fitzpatrick scale – a scale that classifies the response of different types of skin to a UV light – as well as a variety of skin abnormalities which are then relayed back to the console so that unique adjustments are properly made depending on the skin type. This special effect of DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation system has made treating each unique person’s skin issues a successful feat.

Another reason to turn to DermaWave? DermaWave now offers 4 different LED head emitters that are used to target particular skin blemishes, wrinkles, spots and more. The AmRed 605 is the newest and most powerful of the LED emitters that has a built-in photo-optical sensing; it is the standard head used for most treatments. The Conventional 590 and 624 heads are designed for those who are more apprehensive when it comes to new technologies and would like to ease into photo therapy treatment. The Acne Blue Beam 420 penetrates skin tissue to target mild to moderate acne.  Finally, the Green Beam Melanocyte 525 matrix head improves the individual flesh tone of an individual following a regular treatment of the standard photo rejuvenation head. If you are looking for a more improved and even flesh tone, the Green Beam is for you!

A few competitors have the different colored LED heads, but they are not as effective as the DermaWave. The DermWave LED unit has 64,000 pulses per second; this offers 10 times more exposure to pulses than any other photo rejuvenation device created. The difference is in the pulse frequency and pulse width of the unit. This carefully controlled pulse width (how long each individual pulse lasts) provides an extraordinary high level of bio-stimulation to each skin cell. Each treatment is far more efficient and the client receives the maximum benefit.

Find out for yourself

New Beginnings Spa at Dawn Career Institute believes in photo rejuvenation therapy and we believe that DermaWave is the best amongst its competitors. As training estheticians, we can use this spa-based LED unit to give our students the opportunity to study and practice it as a service in conjunction with other facial treatments and products. At Dawn Career Institute we believe that DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation will resolve skin care problems, improve acne, increase collagen, reduce fine lines and maintain a youthful appearance.  The esthetician can utilize the unit for a number of skin conditions or the unit can assist in achieving the goal more effectively and quicker.  The more options for treating difference skin problems, the better the chances for positive results. Combine LED Photo Rejuvenation with other treatments at New Beginnings Spa, such as, our microdermabrasion, peels and antioxidant serums. Now through April, we are offering DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation at a discounted rate of $20, originally $40.





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