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Spring Cleaning…. For Your Jewelry

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pring is a time of renewing and refreshing. As we feel the weather warm and the daylight grow longer we suddenly find ourselves straightening up around the house, washing the cars, tackling that project in the yard, and so on all with a renewed energy. It is Spring and it is time to renew and refresh… Here at the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware when it comes to jewelry we feel the same way.

Spring cleaning for your jewelry 

Make sure your jewels are sparkling for Spring! A little known fact is that jewelry, just like everything else, needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Many people simply think that when you buy a ring it will simply look bright and brilliant forever. This is simply not the case. The fact is that as jewelry slowly gets dirty little by little, day by day, most people never realize the loss of sparkle. That is until they have had their jewelry professionally cleaned and see the transformation for themselves first hand. Stop in to the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware anytime for free cleaning while you wait! We will even check your prongs while we’re at it to make sure your stones are secure and protected.

Spring clean out and refresh your jewelry collection

Refresh your collection! As we have discussed in the past one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to afford to refresh your jewelry is to sell or trade-in your old unworn unwanted jewelry on some new pieces. Here at the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware we specialize in buying and trading gold, silver, platinum and designer jewelry. We have the unique ability to resell jewelry at either of our locations and/or dismantle older outdated designs and produce new saleable items. In both cases it simply means that since we have the unique ability to retail the jewelry we buy we are able to pay more for your items than anyone else.

So, if you would like to trade some of your jewelry to update your collection, you would like to sell some items to free up some cash, or if your jewelry is in need of a good cleaning, stop on in anytime and visit us!


Corey always has gone above and beyond to make sure I make the right purchase even if it means giving me a generous discount on an item higher than my initial price range. I really enjoy her attention to detail and patience every step of the way.     – Joe S., Glen Mills, PA

The team at the JE of Delaware has made the process of selling my unwanted jewelry seamless, informative, and most importantly comfortable every time I stop in. They take their time and explain what I have, then show me my options in exactly what I am getting and what their profit or potential profit is.                                  – Marriane B., Wilmington, DE