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5 Benefits Of Exfoliation

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By Erica Suppa, B.S., L.E.

Top 5 Benefits of Exfoliation

1. Improves the results of your skin care products

2. Keeps your pores from clogging , keeping acne under control

3. Speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place

4. Helps to lessen skin discoloration (uneven skin tone)

5. Leads to visibly brighter skin and softer fine lines and wrinkles


Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin, revealing the healthy skin underneath. Regular exfoliation can help keep skin looking fresh, removing any dry patches or flakiness. In addition to cleansing your skin, exfoliating on a regular basis (once or twice a week at home and once or twice a month professionally) can improve the results of your skin care routine and help rejuvenate your skin.

Whether you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, exfoliation can bring new life to your complexion. The removal of dead skin cells helps keep pores from becoming clogged and leaves skin with a refreshed and clean feeling. Why would you want clean and clear pores? Clogged pores can result in blackheads and acne. Likewise, when pores are clogged, they appear larger. Although you cannot reduce the actual size of your pores, you can help to minimize their appearance by keeping them clog-free.

In addition to the immediate visual benefits of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place. Not only will this help with fine lines and wrinkles, but it will also help to lessen discoloration as well.

There are two basic types of exfoliants; physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants work to remove dead skin cells using friction. Examples of physical exfoliants include scrubs, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning. Chemical exfoliants do the work for you by essentially dissolving the “glue” that is binding the dead cells to your skin. Enzymes, chemical peels, and acids are examples of chemical exfoliants.
A combination of both physical and chemical exfoliation is an ideal way to address skin damage from the top down, as well as from the bottom up.


Erica Suppa is the owner of Fresh Faced Skin Care, an advanced skin care clinic with locations in North Wilmington and in Historic New Castle. Erica has more than a decade of experience in the healthcare industry as an esthetician, skin care expert and research scientist. As a licensed skin care therapist, Erica specializes in advanced facial treatments and results-driven chemical peels that address the top three skin care issues for both men and women: acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. She offers a unique approach to skin care by utilizing her scientific knowledge of skin care ingredients and how they interact with the skin to achieve phenomenal, lasting results her clients have been searching for.

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I’ll continue to be a loyal client.    – Jenn,  Smyrna, DE

Great service, extra clean and serene environment, products are awesome! Using 1 week and seeing SUCH a difference in my skin. – Erin; West Chester, PA

I have been extremely satisfied with all the services I have had done at Fresh Faced Skin Care as well as all the products I have used. Erica not only provides the service, she knows what works with what. She knows the science about her products and services. She is extremely knowledgeable and shares this with her clients.     – Debbi, Bear, DE


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