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It’s Not Just About Content; It’s About Quality.

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By Mike, Trisha & Arianna Fox


The quality of design and marketing that you’re doing is just as important as the fact that you’re doing it. Quantity does not equal quality.

“Don’t just produce content; produce quality content. Don’t just have a website, a logo, and a video; have a quality product.” – Mike and Trisha Fox

The old saying goes, “Quality, not quantity.” This holds true for your marketing and branding. Your logo, your website, your video, and your ads all have a way of conveying a message to potential customers. While it’s definitely important to make sure you’re throwing content out there and staying on top of trends, sometimes it’s just as —or even more so—important on what that message is actually conveying. And the quality of your content will tell others just that.

THE MESSAGE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF Remember, your brand is the way your customers—or potential customers—see and perceive you. In other words, it’s really not what you say, but it’s what the customer says about you. And the branding experience you leave with them is mainly conveyed in all of your marketing, from your ads, commercials, website, social media profiles, and everything that shows off who you are and what you’re about.

According to “Consumers evaluate quality every minute. [They] engage in a product evaluation process…poor quality experiences influence their perception of the brand.” In other words, if you are paying someone to design ads, social posts, website design, and whatever else you may promote about your business yet it doesn’t coincide with the quality you and your product or service have, you’re sabotaging yourself and potential sales, and revenue will decline. It’s simple math.

KEEP IT POSITIVE…MOST OF THE TIME There are some companies with ads and billboards that send very strong negative messages in order to be slick and witty, and perhaps even “different” or “unique.” But in the overall approach of generating new customers and not just a snicker or smirk, the best option is usually to stay positive and show the benefits—the positive reasons—why customers should purchase from you. Future customers buy from you because they want to buy from you, not because they feel guilty or pressured to. That being said, if done strategically and sparingly, you can get away with a few comedic negative ads as long as you leave the message on a positive note. Most Delaware marketing companies who try that tactic seem to forget that last part. So, remember to keep a positive message, display quality in your approach, and always represent your company in the highest possible way. Splash Designworks has been helping others with successful branding, design, and marketing strategies for years, and we are ready to help you and your business. Let us know how we can help boost your company to the highest level!



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