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Setting The Tone With Gorgeous Invitations

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By Yvette Sencion

When planning a special event or wedding, there are many details to consider, but one of the most critical is how to invite your guests. This is because the invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your event, setting the tone for the experience to come. Before you start shopping for invitations, it’s important to ask yourself what you want your guests to feel when they receive your invitation. Yes, we are talking about physical invitations. While digital invitations are convenient, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a beautiful, custom invitation. It creates a sense of excitement and anticipation that sets the tone for a truly memorable event.

We love and always recommend custom invitations. Unlike store-bought or digital versions, custom invitations are designed with your event in mind, incorporating your theme, colors, personality, and style. They add a touch of magic that can’t be replicated with other types of invitations. By investing in custom invitations, you’re not only communicating important details to your guests, but you’re also showcasing the significance of your event and creating a lasting impression. Custom invitations are an excellent way to add a personal touch that your guests will appreciate and remember for years to come.

The anatomy of an invitation

An invitation can be as simple as a single card with all the essential information, such as the date, time, location, and RSVP details. These types of invitations are ideal for informal events.

For more formal occasions, an elaborate invitation set may include multiple cards with specific information. The main card typically features the event’s date, time, and location, while the RSVP card provides guests with a more detailed response mechanism. Additional cards, such as accommodation and details card, may also be included to provide further information on lodging and event specifics. These types of invitations are typically used for more formal events such as weddings, sweet 16s, and quinceañeras. The added details help create a more complete experience for the guest.

In addition to choosing the format of your invitation, you have a variety of options when it comes to customizing its look and feel. Select from a range of printing techniques, paper stocks, and embellishments to ensure that your invitation aligns with your event’s overall aesthetic. 

Furthermore, the most important aspect of a custom invitation is the sense of anticipation and the excitement it creates. Unlike digital invitations, a custom physical invitation is a tangible reminder that your guests can hold in their hands. It will give them that feeling that your event is something special and worth celebrating. These beautiful custom invitations will be remembered long after the event is over.


Yvette Sencion is the Founder and Creative Director of Opulent Celebrations, LLC, where she brings her clients’ visions to life through stunning invitations, stationery, and event production. With a passion for design and beautiful things, Yvette has built a platform to fully express her creativity and bring something unique to those who seek it. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Graphic Communications Tech. Management.


“The invitations for the party came!!!! OMG my Mom and I are freaking out! There are no words to tell you how much we love them!!!!!!” ~ Tara S.

“Amazing work! Everybody complimented how beautiful our invitations were. Yvette is wonderful at what she does. We got our invitations on time. She is very creative and on point! We would definitely work with her again for future events.”                                  ~ Kharen D.

“My daughter LOVED the invitations! I think they are just beautiful!!  I cant wait to see what the reaction is when the family gets them! Thank you again!!!” ~Margaret Q.