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The Key To Really Good Skin

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By Joanne Graves, Owner of Sanctuary Spa

For the same reasons you wouldn’t wear shorts and a t-shirt outside in the winter, you don’t necessarily want to use the same skincare when the weather changes. Your skin is sensitive to changes in the temperature, weather and humidity, and deserves a little TLC to look its best.

Skin needs to maintain a constant supply of moisture. When the humidity changes outside, or  centrally heated or air-conditioned indoor environments strip your skin of moisture, it can leave your skin screaming for more hydration. The temperature isn’t the only culprit of environmental damage that can destroy the skin’s barrier function. It can also be compromised by sun overexposure, pollution, smoking, physical damage (over-exfoliating your face or using harsh/irritating products), certain medical conditions (like diabetes), and genetics. Even your age can affect your barrier; our skin’s ability to hold onto moisture eventually becomes compromised too.

Who hasn’t spent just a few minutes longer under a hot shower to avoid the cooler bathroom air? This might feel like a luxury but it’s actually stripping your skin of even more of the natural oils it needs to help it look and feel good. 

The first step

Protecting the health of your skin starts with repairing the damage that years of environmental exposure has caused the skin barrier. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin (stratum corneum) that serves as a protective shield for your face. Basically, the entire purpose of your skin barrier is to protect your skin from environmental stressors, irritation, and inflammation, while holding onto all the good stuff (like moisture, moisture, and more moisture).  

HydraFacial™: your skin’s defender

The Hydrafacial™ benefits your skin as it:

  • hydrates, hydrates, hydrates
  • brightens 
  • plumps 
  • gives your face a clear complexion
  • In addition, the treatment reduces fine lines and increases firmness, evens tone, texture, and brown spots, and lowers enlarged pores.

The HydraFacial™ accomplishes all this gently, non-invasively, so as to improve, not destroy, the skin barrier. Invest in regular nourishing HydraFacials™ to heal and lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy. 

And finally

In between your regular HydraFacials™, commit to a homecare routine to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. The best moisturizer you can afford should form the bedrock of any skincare routine. Look for a product which contains vitamin E, as it’s helpful for keeping moisture in. Those with vitamin C fight the effects of free radical damage. Anything that has a built-in humectant, such as hyaluronic acid, is also great for skin as these ingredients work to attract moisture to your skin. If you feel that despite using a moisturizer regularly, your skin is feeling tight, irritated or flaky, upgrade your moisturizer with a serum rich in hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids. Locking the hydration in and the environmental stressors out will help keep the skin on your face much healthier. HydraFacial™ is your first line of defense; schedule an appointment now!

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