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Your Permanent Cosmetic Questions Answered

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Article by Ashley Sachs & Alyssa Reilly

recently sat down with the permanent cosmetic artists of The Permanent Cosmetic Studio & Lash Lounge, Carmella Schultz and Kristina Alibrando, to ask the questions everyone is thinking when it comes to permanent cosmetics!

Q: Is it painful?

A: We use topical numbing agents; however, we understand the anxieties that clients may have regarding pain or discomfort. We do what is necessary for you to be as calm and comfortable as possible during your procedure. Let’s put it this way — Carmella has joyously exclaimed, “None of my clients have ever walked out because of the pain!” 

Q: What can clients expect after their procedure?

A: Every client has a complimentary consultation prior to the procedure where we discuss many things along with home care and the healing process. After the procedure, clients are given a home care bag with products to aid in the healing process and a hard copy of post treatment instructions which are gone over with both the artist and our front desk before and after the procedure.

The great thing about permanent cosmetics is that there is hardly any down time! The day after the procedure the client will experience minimal swelling that should dissipate within a day or so. It is important to note that immediately after the procedure, within the first week or so, your makeup will appear much darker than what the end result will be. The pigment adheres to the surface cells of the skin and that will typically flake off within 5-7 days. Because the healing process actually overshadows the pigment, color will begin to come back through the skin over a few weeks. You can’t rush Mother Nature!

Q: How long do Permanent Cosmetics last?

A: Everyone’s skin is different, so it really depends on the client’s lifestyle. If you’re in the sun a lot or have oily skin, you may need to come back for touch ups more often. Pigment choice can be a factor as well. Your permanent cosmetic artist will be able to tell how long the makeup will last specifically for you and can tell you about how often you’d need to come back for a color boost.

In general, eyeliner tends to last the longest — anywhere from 3-15 years! The eyebrows last about 1-3 years and lips last about 3-5.

Q: How long do procedures take to complete?

A: It varies per area: however, it takes a minimum of about 2 hours for a new procedure. Remember, this is your face, so it’s not to be rushed!

Q: How do I choose the right artist?

A: Our consultations take longer than the actual procedure! We draw on exactly what we are going to do, discuss pigment choices, post treatment and the healing process. It all has to be perfect before we perform the procedure. But, not all artists do the same, so it’s incredibly important that you do your homework and look up reviews.

Q: How can I identify an unqualified artist?

A: Cleanliness! A clean studio is the first thing a client should be looking for. You also should ask yourself, “Are there other clients here?” Pay attention to the attitude of the receptionist and other staff as well. How you are treated as a client from the very beginning is an extremely important indicator of how your entire experience will be, post treatment included.

You should definitely ask if the artists are certified as well. Look to see if their certifications are prominently displayed in the office and ask if they have referring doctors. 

The most important thing for a client to remember is that permanent cosmetics is a self-regulated field which is why there could be potential issues, therefore, buyer beware.

Your artist should not only be a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), but they should also have apprenticed under an established and credible professional. 

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carmella new head jas17About the Artist

Carmella Gibellino-Schultz is a licensed cosmetologist, has been practicing the art of permanent cosmetics since 1999, and is double board certified with the SPCP and AAM. As the former owner of The Skin Care School and Center, her expertise and years of experience have made her the area’s most sought after Permanent Cosmetic Artist. She has performed thousands of procedures in both Pennsylvania and Delaware, but her impressive portfolio speaks for itself.

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By: Carmella Gibellino-Schultz