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Your Path To Wellness Pre- & Post-Menopause

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By Alexander Watson, MD & Angela Barone, DNP

  • Did you know menopause symptoms can start up to 10 years before periods actually stop?
  • Are you nearing or already within menopause and struggling to lose weight?

Maybe, you no longer feel like yourself with some combination of low libido, fatigue, poor sleep, depression, heart palpitations, or frequent UTIs. Yet, you are still being told your lab results are “normal.”

These symptoms are likely the result of hormonal changes that can burden you in diverse, unpleasant ways. Women seeking answers from their busy doctors often get concerns brushed off as “normal.” Unfortunately, within the traditional (failing) medical practice model, doctors have less than 10 minutes to assess, treat, and counsel patients. You know your body best, and persistent symptoms are telling you that something is off.

Basic tests might show normal estrogen or other hormone levels, but understanding the timing of these tests within your cycle matters, as hormone levels fluctuate significantly throughout the month. Menopause and the perimenopausal period exaggerate these fluctuations, so looking at the whole picture is crucial, as is having thorough conversations about symptom timing, progression, and impact on your quality of life.

Standard menopause treatments like antidepressants may alleviate some symptoms but do not address the underlying hormonal issues, leaving other symptoms and secondary disease risk factors unchecked. In such cases, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may be necessary and appropriate. Now, you might have concerns about HRT, like risks of cancer and other side effects, but most related fears stem from a now “debunked” study. HRT simply provides you with the same hormone(s) your body has produced your whole adult life, so restoring this balance can relieve those new, unbearable symptoms. While HRT is not suitable for everyone, it can provide profound relief for many women suffering with debilitating menopause-related effects. At Admire Medical, we carefully evaluate your medical history, symptoms, and values to help determine if HRT is right for you. If not, we personalize alternative treatments with you, sitting side by side until our plan brings you the relief you deserve.

For those struggling with stubborn weight, targeting hormonal imbalances may be key to unlocking metabolic health without some trade-offs of other weight loss treatments, since hormonal changes during menopause can significantly impact metabolism. Plummeting estrogen and testosterone (yes, women have it too) make it harder to build and maintain muscle mass while making weight gain easier.

Standard weight loss medications may have side effects, so it’s best to consult a doctor to see which options are right for you. While these medications are life-changing for millions, others may find that first simply addressing hormonal imbalances is the missing piece they need.

If you are struggling with weight loss and menopause symptoms, don’t wait any longer to start feeling like you did 10 years ago. Call us today, and we’ll tailor treatment plans based on all aspects of your health. We believe in the power of a holistic approach for both reaching your wellness goals and sustaining them for life. 

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Dr. Watson is a distinguished physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) with a clinical focus on obesity-related conditions. During his residency, he explored the interaction between obesity and common “PM&R conditions” like back pain, arthritis, and neurologic disease. Angela Barone is a dedicated family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health and HRT. Her glowing reviews speak to her compassion and attentiveness with her patients, as she crafts personalized treatment plans to address individual needs.


“I’ve been to plenty of doctors and I have never been treated with this level of care in my life…Angela was amazing. She answered every single question I had. She made me feel like I was a part of my own care team/plan instead of a visitor.”  ~ A.A.

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