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What To Do If Involved In A Motor Vehicle Collision

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Did you know in 2015, 24,066 traffic collisions occurred in Delaware resulting in 8,058 people injured and 133 fatalities? If you or a loved one is one of these unfortunate individuals, do you know what to do?  The following is a list of steps you should follow to protect yourself or loved one involved in a motor vehicle collision:

Stop your Vehicle.  Never drive away from the scene of a collision, even if a minor collision.  The vehicles should remain where they are unless they interfere with traffic. Turn your hazards on, set out cones or other warning devices if you have them;

Call 911 or the Police.  Even if there are no serious injuries, call to report the collision.  An officer will be sent to file necessary reports and exchange information as well as medical personnel for injuries;

Take Photos. Use your camera or phone to photograph the collision scene, damage to the vehicles and depict how the collision took place;

Retrieve Relevant Information.  Record the names and contact information of the other drivers or witnesses, license plate numbers, the make, model and colors of other vehicles, insurance information and the exact location of the incident;

File a Collision Report with the Police.  In some circumstance the police will not come to the scene of a collision.  Should this happen, you should still contact the police to report the collision.  A police report may help you make a claim with the insurance companies;

Contact your Insurance Company.  Report the collision to your insurance company even if the collision was not your fault;

Do not give a Recorded Statement over the Telephone.  Do not give a recorded statement to the other drivers insurance adjuster without an attorney present;

Seek Medical Attention.  Often injuries are not readily apparent in the hours or even days following a collision.  Unless you are absolutely sure you were not injured, you should be examined by your family doctor or emergency medical professionals for injuries;

Keep a File.  Keep a file with all of the relevant information regarding the collision in one location for easy reference; and

Know your Automobile Insurance Policy.  The insurance process will be much easier if you know and understand your policy benefits and coverages before a collision.  Never wait until after an incident to learn this information.  For example, do you know if you have a deductible, rental car coverage or enough wage loss coverage;

If you or a loved one suffers the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle collision or work related collision, the Personal Injury Group Attorneys at Morris James LLP will guide you through the process of obtaining the maximum compensation for your injuries to which you are entitled under the law.  With six locations throughout the State of Delaware, we are available to serve you.

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Susan D’Alonzo Ament is a partner with Morris James LLP and has practiced for 33 years representing personal injury victims. Over the years, Mrs. Ament has found that some women don’t understand the crucial need to have adequate automobile insurance coverage in the event of a serious accident. Susan Ament educates women on these needs every day in her practice and in seminars that she presents throughout the year.


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