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UD’s ACCESS Center Offers Free Advisement Services To Students And Community Members

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The Adult Center for Continuing Education Student Services (ACCESS) at the University of Delaware provides free advisement, career counseling and credit course registration for individuals who wish to achieve their educational and career goals. Advisement services are free and available to the public, including:

  • Community members interested in career exploration
  • Prospective continuing education students
  • Career-transitioning professionals
  • Prospective transfer students
  • Prospective professional development certificate students
  • High school students

“Our office serves a diverse population,” says Michelle Parnell, manager of the ACCESS Center. “We meet with and assist many different groups, from high school students up to individuals who are interested in the University’s Over-60 Program for Delaware residents.”

Those who visit the ACCESS Center receive assistance with exploring careers and developing personal career plans. Advisors can help prospective students choose courses and majors, and can administer career-related assessments that help provide insights when evaluating career and academic options.

“Going back to school may feel a little intimidating. The advisors in the ACCESS Center are great to work with and will keep you on track as you progress,” says a former student who decided to return to school. “Your advisor can help ease any anxiety you might be feeling.”

Advisors can help prospective students get started whether they’re contemplating a college degree (for the first time or as a returning adult student), if their career is in transition and they need to upgrade their skills, or if they just want to find out more about educational opportunities at UD.

“UD’s ACCESS advisor made me feel so comfortable, and made me feel that [continuing my education] was doable,” says a former continuing education student. “I signed up for two classes, and when I earned As, it felt great.”

High school students who want to get a head start on college requirements or improve their chances for college admission can also visit the ACCESS Center to learn about UD pre-college and dual-enrollment programs.

The ACCESS Center is located on UD’s Newark campus with daytime and evening hours available. To make an appointment with an advisor, call the ACCESS Center at 302-831-8843 or write to [email protected]. Telephone advisement appointments are also available. To learn more, visit

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