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The Many Advantages of Co-Working

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stat_lori_davis_ond16By Lori L. Davis

    As the work landscape evolves at a rapid clip,    Co-Working spaces have grown in popularity. For business leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, ­­solopreneurs and professionals this new kind of office space can provide many advantages versus the traditional office. Please consider the following benefits to see if Co-Working is right for you and your business.

1. Save Money! Buying or leasing an office can be extremely expensive, especially for startups and new or small companies.  Co-Working is relatively inexpensive and can provide the same amenities of a fully furnished office without the cost and headache of paying rent, utilities and office equipment.  Since Co-Working is more cost effective, additional revenue generated can then be used for other investments which allow your business to grow, develop and thrive.

2. Relax! No need to purchase office equipment, services or furniture! Co-Working spaces are fully equipped with anything you need to run your business.  From Wi-Fi to color printers, lounges to dedicated desks and mailboxes to conference rooms, Co-Working spaces have most every amenity a business leader needs.  Most also offer receptionist and administrative services which can additionally support any enterprise.

3.  Build your Network!  One of the strongest benefits of collaborative working is the abundance of networking opportunities.   When you mingle with like-minded professionals from other companies, one can discuss solutions to mutual challenges.  It’s almost certain that you’ll acquire new ideas, and you might find business partners and clients as well.

4. Work anytime of the day!  

Approximately 70 percent of office professionals prefer to work outside normal business hours at some point during their work week.  Co-Working spaces allow for flexibility in scheduling and can lend additional resources when wanting to work outside the normal 9-5 office hours.

5. Scale Your Business!

The workforce in America is advancing at a rapid pace yet not always in a traditional fashion.  By 2020, roughly 40 percent of professionals won’t be connected to anyone company.  Instead they will be temporary employees, consultants, freelancers or independent in some way.  This begs the question as to why one would set up a business in a traditional office when there is not a clear vision as to how many employees they will need as their business grows. Co-Working allows for the flexibility of adding additional staff as needed.

Co-Working spaces can change a business in many positive ways and are almost like hotels or rental homes for companies. You can conduct meetings, call clients, and take care of the daily tasks any entrepreneur is faced with without the costs of a traditional office. This new concept is shaking up the corporate world so if you are looking to start a business, save money and work in a collaborative environment, consider Co-Working as a viable option for you and your business.

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The HUB @1201 is the most professional and classy Co-Working facility that has all the charms of a friendly, intimate and warm environment to conduct business.  This makes Stat International the best place to conduct business not only in Wilmington, but in New Castle County as well.  Our firm has experienced other locations like this throughout the US and none has given our business the total package like Stat International.  As it relates to staff, support and amenities, we are treated as if Global Merchant Partners is their only concern at all times.  -Toby Quinn Sr., Owner, Global Merchant Partners


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