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By Christine Rostom, Marketing Specialist

Trees are in full bloom, visits to the beach have become more frequent, and the savory smell of BBQs permeate the outdoors. From invitations to pool parties and weddings, to taking road trips, it is imperative to take care of our bodies by staying hydrated, protecting our skin, and detoxing so we can look and feel healthy all summer long! Enjoy these great summer health tips!

Re-fuel, Hydrate, and Energize 

Unequivocally, water is the most essential nutrient to our bodies. It regulates body temperature, flushes out and detoxifies our organs, and prevents dehydration. Although there is no set “rule” to how much water one should consume, as it differs with everyone, the most recommended and popular rule is the “8 by 8 rule,” which advises us to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Challenge yourself and drink a little more each day until you reach the 8-glass goal. For added nutritional support, add our Premier Max B-ND supplement to your water. Just ½ a teaspoon of this each morning will give you the renewable energy you’re looking for.  Stop in and pick one up today!

Enjoy the Sun Safely 

As the summer sun bathes its rays upon us, we should avoid being in it from 10am-2pm when the UV index is at its highest. Linda LeBlanc, our licensed esthetician recommends applying a broad-spectrum sun screen that is at least SPF 30, half an hour before stepping out in the sun. Applying sunscreen daily to the face and body prevents permanent skin damage, pre-mature aging, and even skin cancer.

Achieve That Radiant, Soft Summer Glow! 

As we said farewell to winter and its unpleasant effects on our skin, we could still be faced with the same on-going issue of dry, dull skin if we don’t consistently exfoliate those dead skin cells. Exfoliating the entire body by dry brushing or by using a gentle sugar scrub is essential if you want to achieve softer-looking skin. Linda also suggests moisturizing right after showering, when your body is still damp in order to lock in precious moisture.

Invest In Your Skin

Are you experiencing breakouts, dryness, or even irritation? Getting a professional facial every couple of months is just as important as exfoliating your body regularly at home. Facials are important all year round, especially in the summer when our skin is exposed to damaging UVA rays. Getting a facial frequently is an investment to achieving long-term healthy, younger-looking skin.

Give Your Body the TLC It Deserves

With all of summer’s limitless activities and events, we’re always on the go. Our bodies tend to let us know when they need some TLC. Responding to your body’s symptoms is important. Check out some of these services we think would be beneficial to you this time of year:

Sports Massage- Perfect for athletes and health enthusiasts! This massage consists of stretching and focusing on specific muscles involved in certain sports and activities. It’s designed to improve flexibility and endurance and is an effective means of preparation as well as recovery.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage- This massage detoxifies by enhancing the body’s ability to produce more lymph flow. The therapist will gently rub, stroke, or push the skin in directions that follow the path of the lymphatic system so that the accumulated lymph fluid can drain through proper channels of the circulatory system.

Medi-cupping Massage- Cupping is an ancient technique involving placing special cups on the skin for a few minutes, creating suction and then releasing them. Cupping is known to reduce joint and muscle pain, inflammation, while increasing blood circulation. It’s no wonder so many prominent athletes have confidence in this technique.

Ionic Foot Detox- The Ionic foot detox cleanses toxins out of organs painlessly. As your feet are immersed in water with positive and negative ions, toxins are then pulled out through the pores of the feet, creating a re-balance of the body. This relaxing treatment can help with headaches, joint stiffness, organ function and much more!

Reprogram the Mind with Hypnosis 

We understand that certain temptations can subconsciously reawaken our bad habits, and if we’re not careful we could find ourselves cheating on our diets and going back to smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, etc. Hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious mind—the part that creates cravings and impulses, through positive suggestion. The healing power of hypnosis has had astonishing results. With a few sessions, you may be able to overcome almost anything.

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