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Pharmaceutical Warning! Delaware Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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heather_long_sq_as11Heather A. Long, Esq.

Many of us, especially women, can remember the catchy tune in the birth control commercial where the ladies are clad in 50’s style bathing suits and caps and execute synchronized dives into a pool of water. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…) The commercial starts out with the ladies in bathing suits, each with a different day of the week on the front of their suits. Eventually one of the ladies exits the ranks of the 50’s pin ups, pulls off her midriff and cap to reveal a two-piece swim suit and perfectly coiffed, flowing blonde locks. (…Friday, Saturday, Sunday,…) Even as I type, I hear the tune in my head, over and over and over. This is exactly why the drug manufacturers spend big bucks- for product marketing and recognition.

With recognition, oftentimes comes risk. Unfortunately for some drug manufacturers, the more they market their products, the more people get prescriptions for them (sounds good so far, right?), the more money they generate in profits and the more liability they expose themselves to in the form of lawsuits for unwanted side effects from their medications.

Recent caselaw curtailed an injured workers’ ability to choose the pharmacy they receive their medicine from. The Superior Court indicated that the insurance companies may require that the injured workers utilize the pharmacy chosen by the insurance company- at no cost to the injured worker. If you are prescribed any medications or products as a result of your work injury, you may be at risk for developing harmful side effects from the medication.

In the not-so-distant past, certain drug and product manufacturers have come under the microscope for the negative side effects that some of their products have allegedly caused. For that reason, I want you to be aware of the potentially harmful side effects of the following drugs and products. If these harmful side effects have occurred to you or a loved one, please contact me immediately so that we can investigate, preserve and file a claim for you.

The drugs/products and potentially harmful side effects to watch for are:

BONIVA OR FOSAMAX – These drugs are for osteoporosis. Femur (leg) fractures as well as osteonecrosis (death of the bone in the jaw) have been reported. Femur fractures can occur with very little trauma to the leg.

ZOMETA OR AREDIA – These drugs are prescribed for cancer patients to strengthen bones and prevent fractures. Osteonecrosis of the jaw
can develop.

DEPUY HIP REPLACEMENTS – Certain parts have been recalled because of metal debris in the hip area, causing pain, swelling and problems walking. This may result in a repeat surgery.

The generic name for these drugs is Propoxyphene. They are used to treat mild to moderate pain and have been recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration because they may cause potentially serious heart
rhythm abnormalities.

REGLAN – This drug is used to treat stomach disorders such as heartburn caused by acid reflux. Side effects may include involuntary movements of the face, eyes, lips, tongue, mouth, head and fingers. This is called tardive dyskinesia, and occurs most often in older women and people who have been taking the drug for a long time.

YAZ, YAZMIN, OCELLA AND BEYAZ – These are popular birth control pills and can also be prescribed for PMS symptoms. They can cause blood clots, which can be harmful if those clots end up in the deep veins of the leg, the lungs or the brain.

DENTURE CREAM – Some patients have been diagnosed with neurologic symptoms including zinc poisoning and copper depletion. This is most common in individuals who have
ill-fitting dentures and who tend to use more denture cream.

MRI CONTRAST DYE – Certain patients with kidney disease who have had MRI’s with gadolinium based contrast have developed a progressive kidney condition called Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy/Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NFD/NSF).

AVANDIA – This is a drug used to treat certain diabetic conditions. It has been linked to heart attacks and strokes in some patients.

If you believe that you or a loved one may be suffering from a harmful side effect from one of the above medications, contact your doctor immediately.  Then, if you wish to have your claim against the manufacturer investigated, be sure to keep any unused medication in a safe place and contact my office for a consultation. The consultations are free, and in some cases, funds have already been set aside for these types of claims.  Our attorneys will fight to get you the settlement that you deserve.

Heather has been an attorney for over six years, and is currently practicing workers’ compensation and personal injury law at Kimmel, Carter, Roman & Peltz, P.A. with offices in Newark and Wilmington. Heather worked her way through law school as a paralegal in a personal injury firm. After passing the bar exam, she spent several years working as a defense attorney, representing local, regional and national companies. With the knowledge gained of the inner-workings of these companies, she now represents injured workers and personal injury plaintiffs.

Heather is a graduate of Widener University School of Law, and the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Prior to attending law school, she was licensed as a paramedic and spent time volunteering for her local ambulance corps. She is also active as a Mock Trial coach for Salesianum High School.

Heather is licensed to practice law in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please call
(302) 565-6100 or e mail her directly at [email protected].