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OSD: Supporting Diverse Businesses

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By Shavonne White, Director

Office of Supplier Diversity

In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, fostering diversity and inclusivity isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s a strategic advantage. The Delaware Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) stands ready to assist, offering essential services to businesses, with a focus on empowering women, minority, veteran and persons with disabilities-owned enterprises.

OSD is a part of the state’s Delaware Division of Small Business (DSB), and is a critical component of the small business ecosystem. 

At the heart of OSD’s mission lies a commitment to leveling the playing field and creating opportunities for all. The office serves as a catalyst for economic growth, particularly for businesses led by women and other underserved business owners, by providing a range of services and certifications that are pivotal in navigating the competitive business environment.

One of OSD’s core functions is to facilitate the certification process for diverse businesses. This certification is not just a badge of honor; it’s a powerful tool that opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. OSD certification can help diverse businesses gain access to a wide array of state procurement opportunities, helping them compete on a more equal footing.

The OSD certification is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a strategic asset. This not only boosts their revenue but also contributes to the overall economic health of the community. By empowering women, minority, veteran and disability-owned entrepreneurs, OSD is actively fostering a more diverse and resilient business ecosystem.

Moreover, the OSD certification serves as a valuable marketing tool. In a marketplace where consumers increasingly value diversity, being a certified women-owned business can set enterprises apart. It signals a commitment to inclusivity and corporate social responsibility, resonating with consumers who seek to support businesses aligned with their values.

The certification process itself is a testament to OSD’s dedication to supporting businesses. It involves a rigorous evaluation of a company’s ownership, control, and operational structure. This meticulous scrutiny ensures that only intended businesses receive the certification, maintaining the integrity and value of the state certification process.

But OSD goes beyond certification; it’s a comprehensive resource hub for businesses seeking growth and success. The office offers training, workshops, and networking opportunities, creating a supportive environment for women and minority entrepreneurs to thrive. By providing education and mentorship, OSD is not only empowering businesses in the present but also building a foundation for sustained success in the future. This holistic approach recognizes the intersectionality of challenges faced by diverse entrepreneurs and addresses them comprehensively.

In a broader context, the OSD’s initiatives contribute to the economic development of the state. By fostering a diverse business landscape, OSD is driving innovation, creating jobs, and promoting economic resilience. This isn’t just about empowering individual businesses; it’s about fortifying the economic fabric of the entire community.

In conclusion, the Delaware Office of Supplier Diversity is not just another state agency; it’s a champion of economic empowerment and inclusivity. Through its certification processes, training, and unwavering commitment to diversity, OSD is shaping a business landscape where opportunities are accessible to all. In particular, its focus on diverse businesses, showcases the transformative power of intentional support. Learn more about all of the opportunities OSD has to offer at Let OSD be your guiding light, illuminating the path to a more diverse, equitable, and prosperous business environment.

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