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By Dee Anderson – Owner



What can I expect?

Hair loss generally starts between 10-14 days after your first cancer treatment. The amount of hair loss a woman will experience varies between the individuals and the strength of the medication. At this point we can help you decide the best approach for you.

In addition, many patients experience severe dry skin as a side effect of radiation and chemotherapy. Our line of Lindi Skin care products can help make these problems more manageable.

When to Start?

If possible, we recommend starting even before treatment begins. An initial consultation before hair loss begins, allows us to match hair color and style as closely as possible. In some cases, hair loss can be unnoticeable.

If you or someone you know and care about is undergoing cancer treatment you understand how drastically life can be altered during this time. Dealing with the disease’s symptoms and treatments is difficult enough, but in the case of women and children, coping with the extreme changes in outward appearance may seem devastating as well.

The psychological and emotional effects of chemotherapy related hair loss can be terrifying resulting in stress, anxiety, and many
levels of depression. It can also result in loss of self-esteem and confidence.

Cancer treatment is not the only condition that can result in hair loss. One out of every 100 people suffers with Alopecia Areata, or unnatural hair loss. This is a common autoimmune disease that, while not life threatening, can also have psychological and emotional effects similar to those experienced by cancer patients.




That’s why The Beautiful “U” is here to help! We provide products that are natural looking and beautiful, that will improve a patients’ outward appearance and help them regain a greater sense of well-being.