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Children’s Vision

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Philip J. Gross, OD      Michele R. Haranin, OD     A. Aaron Yatskevich, OD


The ‘school years’ are a very important time in a child’s life. All parents want their children to do well in school, but often one important learning tool is overlooked – a child’s vision.

Children with undiagnosed vision conditions face many obstacles academically, socially and athletically. This is why a comprehensive eye examination is so important for children. Early detection and treatment provides the best opportunity for your child to see clearly and learn successfully.

As children progress in school, they face increasing demands on their visual abilities. Parents and educators often incorrectly assume that if a child passes a school screening, there is no vision problem. However, many screenings only test visual acuity when the visual skills needed for successful reading and learning are much more complex.

The most common vision problem is myopia, also known as nearsightedness. Some children have other forms of refractive error like farsightedness or astigmatism. In addition, eye focusing, eye tracking and eye coordination problems may affect school or sports performance.

Eyeglasses or contact lenses may provide correction for many vision problems. However, a program of vision therapy may also be needed to develop or enhance vision skills.

A child may not be able to tell you that he or she has a vision problem because they may think they see the way everyone else sees. Signs that may indicate a child has a vision problem include:

  • Frequent eye rubbing or blinking
  • Short attention span
  • Avoidance of reading and other close activities
  • Frequent headaches
  • Covering one eye
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Holding reading materials close to the face
  • One eye turning in or out
  • Seeing double
  • Losing place when reading

Your child should receive an eye examination at least every two years or more frequently if specific problems or risk factors exist. Make sure your child is able to perform to their potential by scheduling a comprehensive eye examination before they head back to school!

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