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New Year, New Skin, NEW YOU!

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I love the idea of starting over. It can be as simple as doing things you usually do; but from a wiser, more curious mindset. When it comes to hair and skin it is a wonderful self-study to figure out what your routine is and what can you do differently. Time changes us. We get more dehydrated. Our skin becomes wrinkled, our hair becomes drier. We must look at how to get more water into our skin as well as keep the moisture in our hair. The human body is made up of 60% water. Hydration starts with water intake and then we need to lock it in and seal it with proper products.

Our latest technology is the HydraFacial MD machine.

This revolutionary new technology uses water and gentle suction to clean out pores and deliver their patented nutrient serum directly into the deep layers of the skin for a healthy glow.


These treatments work for every skin type. The first time you do it you will immediately see and feel how amazing your skin looks. If you would like to see a demo, type in HydraFacial on youtube, or go to our website or Facebook page. This is not your average facial, this is the latest and greatest improvement in overall skin care available. If you are taking care of your skin on a cellular level with this system, the natural collagen production in the skin improves, making Botox and fillers unnecessary.

Skin cells regenerate every 28 days or so, depending on factors like health, age, and medications. Once a month treat yourself to self-care and come indulge in a HydraFacial treatment. Relax and enjoy this painless system that delivers beautiful, radiant skin in just 30 minutes.

I am always sharing information on hydration. It is the foundation of our vibrancy and youth, yet it is the easiest thing to overlook. Try anointing yourself with oil after you bathe to seal the moisture in. I like coconut oil as my base and then I add different essential oils like rose and orange. Then apply some to your hair, starting mid-shaft to the ends (not the roots), so you seal in the moisture without any greasy finish.


Hydration is our defense against the environments. It is very important if you don’t want to dry up like a raisin! Look at what your self-care routine is. If you don’t have one – create one! Try something new. Seal and protect your boundaries! Let us at Amelia Paris show you where to start! We use Kevin Murphy hair color and products because they are ammonia free and PPD Free. Do something fun for you! Consider it therapy – an investment in your health and happiness. What could be more important than that?


In loving memory of Amelia Paris and Teresa Atkins we proudly cut wigs for anyone in treatment, we cut the hair of people before they lose their hair into a fantastic short cut so they know how fabulous it will be when it grows back and we trim their hair as it grows in, we also hold hands and shave heads, and give huge hugs ~ all free of charge!