Inspirations Of Real Food

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Inspirations Of Real Food

By Jenn Adams


I remember the day my mom started buying the groceries in a “normal” store.  We had always sourced our food from family and from other farmers in the area, but then we moved.  As a kindergartener I argued with my mom that eggs, meat and veggies tasted wrong.  We grew a garden and harvested it. I would wonder, “Why does this tomato taste so good?”  Moving to Delaware working in the natural food industry I realized the answer.  Locally sourced food has less travel time, more nutrition and flavor. Talking to farmers I found out how animals were raised, treated, and fed.   I knew how they grew their veggies and harvested with love.

My grandfather, a farmer, was a huge inspiration to me.  I am the first generation to be removed from our family farm.  Honestly, I don’t know the first thing about farming.  I love my hands in the dirt and love that I can go to local farms on Mondays and gather safe, real food for my café. Every week I learn a little more and sometimes it is just the peace that overcomes me walking a row of delicious veggies in a wide-open field that serves as my reward.

Fresh Thymes, a quaint cafe nestled near Trolley Square in Wilmington, DE provides a local, organic, and seasonal food experience.   It is operated by a passionate mother-daughter  team who provide nutritious food made with lots of love.  We also provide gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options.  We look forward to meeting you soon! More information can be found at

Jenn Adams is originally from Illinois and grew up in a farming family.  She understands the importance of supporting local farms.  Her mission is to educate and provide quality local and organic food for the community.

Inspirations Of Real Food

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Inspirations Of Real Food Inspirations Of Real Food Inspirations Of Real Food Inspirations Of Real Food Inspirations Of Real Food