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Home Care: A Key To The Coming Healthcare Revolution

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Robin Mooney amj18 CarpevitaBy Robyn S. Mooney, CarpeVITA Home Care

The healthcare industry is in a state of transition, with exciting new developments in telehealth, health-based apps, to leveraging artificial intelligence to predict and diagnose cancer and other ailments. A real revolution in healthcare delivery is coming!

A cornerstone of this revolution, home healthcare, will be a key component to the transition of where and how care is delivered. Home care services, which provide assistance to those that cannot fully care for themselves with personal care (bathing, grooming, toileting), meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation and errand services, will open up a range of much needed care options to those who are not well-served by traditional healthcare delivery services. The non-skilled home care industry received a jolt in April from a major policy shift intended to improve outcomes and lower overall costs for the neediest and most hard to reach patients.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on April 2, 2018, that it will allow non-skilled home care as a supplemental benefit in the Medicare Advantage plans for the first time ever in 2019. Additional expansion of non-skilled home care services and reimbursement is anticipated.

The top 5% of patients drive 50% of all U.S. healthcare spending– a cost which is approaching 10% of GDP for these patients alone. This group is the catalyst for the healthcare revolution that can’t be found in the doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy. Rather than the old model of driving patients to the hospital or other facilities, health care will be delivered in their homes and communities, where the convergence of technology and home care services will be utilized to help deliver that care.

Think about patients that cannot care for themselves due to “functional limitations” like dementia, inability to walk, inability to prepare meals, or a lack of transportation. These patients end up in the emergency rooms or hospitals, many times unnecessarily, and as a result, costs skyrocket and outcomes deteriorate since hospitals and other high cost acute interventions are used for non-clinical problems like food insecurity, lack of adherence to a diet and medication regimen. This massive misallocation of resources is costing billions of dollars a year!

Today, home care agencies are being elevated to perform a critical role in the healthcare continuum because they lessen the impact of functional limitations and social determinants. In short, home care provides solutions that make sense, particularly when care workers can utilize new technologies and provide the missing human element required to be useful for the largest consumers of healthcare.

Consider what happens when a home care aide is equipped with technologies and clear protocols from clinicians and care managers. The lowest cost providers serve the highest cost patients, in their homes, driving healthcare costs down, while improving outcomes.

We are only scratching the surface on the power of home care. Using technology and solutions created to meet the real-life needs of patients, home care agencies and the caregivers that they empower will be the advocates that achieve the greatest improvements to health outcomes, costs, and quality of life.

CarpeVITA Home Care is excited to be at the forefront of this revolution!!!

CarpeVITA Home Care is a non-medical HHA-AO Agency providing compassionate, best of class in home care to improve our clients’ quality of life, allowing them to stay in their homes. After several years providing care for friends and family members, Robyn Mooney, the Founder and President, decided to build a Home Care Agency that would provide the same quality of care she had provided to her loved ones and treats every client, from pediatrics to geriatrics and their families, as if they were her own family. CarpeVITA Home Care is not a franchise, it is woman-owned and locally operated. At CarpeVITA Home Care, Robyn has built a high caliber, dedicated team of professionals and insists on upholding the standards of compassion, respect, dignity, kindness and confidentiality. CarpeVITA does not require a minimum number of hours per shift or week. Flexibility is a cornerstone of our business.

Enjoy LIFE!!! Leave the Care to Us.

Employee Testimonials

“I love working for CarpeVITA! I feel that I have grown as a caregiver over the past 4½ years and I look forward to finding new ways to improve! Thank you for your confidence in me and thank you for encouraging me!” – C.F.

“CarpeVITA Home Care is the only company I’ve stuck with this long. They understand me and all I have to offer. I’m the “impossible” case pro!” – A.S.