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Grandmother’s Secret To A Healthy Scalp

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By Christine D’Alonzo, Owner

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When I was a little girl my grandmother used to sit me on her lap and teach me how to brush my hair. She was gentle, her strokes were slow and long. She would start at the very tips of my long curly hair and work her way up toward the top, one section at a time. She was never in a rush, as grandmothers have extra time to teach. This was my first experience in the art of hair brushing. 

Today, this wisdom has been lost. When I ask my clients if they hair brush they look at me like I am crazy. Who has time for that? I ask them if they have a natural bristle brush? They say, No. I ask these questions because I know the importance of this seemingly simple action. Most people today suffer from quick routines that leave out essential elements like brushing.

In the salon 9 out of 10 clients that I see have some form of scalp disorder. Most all of these issues could be improved or prevented if hair brushing was part of their daily routine. Dandruff is the most common issue of all. I observe it in mild forms, with small white flaking, to extreme cases where severe hair loss is present and a thick, honey-like sebum forms a growth – which is very difficult to remove. I also see eczema a lot, which can be very painful and, in a flare up, can swell and bleed. 

If you brush your hair like you brush your teeth you will see the health of your scalp improve in 4 weeks. As an apostle of beauty, I have built on the legacy of knowledge my grandmother handed down to me, incorporating aromatherapy for a holistic routine that will nourish both your body and mind.

amelia paris 1qt19 2My suggestions:

Buy a new brush which is natural in bristle and feels good on the scalp. 

Buy an essential oil which is used for skin and scalp of your liking. (Do some research on your own, or consult a holistic practitioner which can explain to you the regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties of essential oils.) I prefer frankincense, myrrh, or roman chamomile for scalps which are sore, inflamed and in need of antibacterial properties. If you have dermatitis or eczema, you would do better using juniper berry, lavender or a blend of both. Lemon and lime are great for an oily scalp.

Rub 2 drops into your brush. This action helps to keep you brush clean, gives you some aromatherapy and helps your healing process. If you have patchy spots, or can feel rough spots on your head, you want to dilute your essential oil with coconut or another oil of your liking and spot treat those areas before bed. 

When you wake up brush your scalp for 15 minutes before you shampoo. 

The art of hair bushing is a practice which should be done for 15 to 20 minutes every morning and night. Place your brush and oil in a spot where you relax. This is a down regulating process for your nervous system. When you have had a stressed-out day, this is a lovely way to care for yourself. You want your strokes to be slow, relaxed and mindful. Your strokes can be worked in different directions and in circles. If you flip your head upside down and brush you will also stimulate a flow of blood to the area which is stimulating for hair growth. 

I highly recommend doing it to your loved ones as a massage. It can be an intimate and loving expression which is also a healthy connection. My husband and grandson love it! It is important to do if you are a man, women, child, dog or cat. When I am at the farm, I enjoy watching the horses social groom each other, and have you ever seen the care a cat or dog puts into their coats by biting and licking themselves? It is very important that we take the same care of our scalp. Our scalp is the largest detox organ of the body, we must clean it. If you are not washing or wetting the hair on a daily basis then hair brushing is a must. It is not healthy to let detox sit on the scalp. Every human detoxes from the scalp differently. It will depend on your lifestyle and food choices, (that is a whole other article.) 

When you brush, you remove oil, sweat, and bodily excretions which ‘suffocate’ the healthy hair follicles. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Is your hair dull, flat, falling out, breaking or has an odor? Let’s get to brushing and watch the magic start to give you a healthy shine and put the body back into your locks! If you are recovering from hair loss, give yourself a head massage while lying in bed and do gentle strokes with a very soft brush. 

Come into the salon for a professional demonstration and scalp detox to start your new year with awareness & appreciation for your scalp.

May your new year be blessed with brushing! Yours in Health and Style, Amelia Paris

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