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Eyelash Extensions- Your Best Accessory For the Holidays

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lasting_looks_melissa_sq_ond13By Melisa A. Ferriola, CPCP



Eyelash Extensions!  They are THE accessory for so many women.  No fuss, no smudge, waterproof, natural or dramatic, affordable and safe.  Eyelash Extensions have become so popular that they are rivaling the monthly nail treatments at the best salons around.  Take a close look at celebrities Kelly Rippa, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Gwen Stefani to name only a few.  They have been wearing extensions since the early 2000’s.  Lucky for us, this “trend” is not just a trend anymore and not just for celebrities.

As they have become more popular and recognized by the mainstream, licensed estheticians have been adding this skill to their resumes.  They are a fantastic alternative and have gained tremendous popularity – with the rest of us – because of their natural look, ease of application, and yes, affordability.  But, I am sure you have questions…

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

The extensions themselves are perfectly polished polyester points. They come in a variety of thicknesses, colors and degrees of curl.  A talented technician can create the perfect “lashscape” for your facial features and desired look.


How long do they last?

Your lash extensions, when properly applied, will last as long as your natural lash is attached to you.  Some will pop off, but with a good adhesive and technique you’ll be able to enjoy your lashes for a few weeks.  To keep your lashes looking fresh, Lasting Looks recommends refining fills every 2 to 4 weeks.

How long does it take to apply lashes?

Extensions are applied one lash at a time with care and precision.  This takes time and depends on the set size your choose.  At Lasting Looks, we like to keep eyelash extensions affordable for all budgets and therefore, offer different two size sets:  Demi and Full.  Set sizes are not universal and can be independently defined by a salon.  Be sure to ask about the number of lashes you are getting when you are booking your appointment.

My nail salon does lash extensions for only $20.  Are these the same?

Other salons are offering clusters, flairs and strip lashes that take only a few minutes to apply and cost a lot less.  Or worse, they are applying individual lashes with very poor technique gluing several of your natural lashes with potential harm.  Choose carefully.

My teenage wants these.  Is this recommended?


Most teens have naturally long and strong lashes and find that extension are not necessary.  But they are awesome for a more dramatic look with applied for Proms and Senior Portraits – without fussing with clumpy mascara.  Because they grow out naturally, your teen (or you!) can get a one-time set without ongoing maintenance.

Whether you want lashes for your wedding day, the upcoming holiday party season or an every-day look to restore lashes of your youth, Lasting Looks has the professional, perfected technique, applied by a licensed, certified and experienced Eyelash Extension Specialist. Safe and affordable, trust your eyes to Lasting Looks!


Who would benefit from eyelash extensions?

The Teen, for Proms and Senior Portraits

The Business Professional, for a polished image

The Blushing Bride and bridal party, for a joyful celebration

The Mature Retiree, to bring back the lashes of her youth

The 20-Something, for a glamorous night on the town

The Fitness Enthusiast, for looking great while working hard

The Natural Blond, for dark, dramatic lashes.





In 2006, after a 20 year corporate career, Melisa Ferriola opened Lasting Looks – a permanent cosmetics studio, lash bar and day spa located in Hockessin, Delaware. The Lasting Looks mission starts with the desire to empower women to take charge of their appearance and to put their best image forward.  Our staff of estheticians can help meet all your skincare needs, as well as our unique services like eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetics.




October-Pumpkin Facial $60

November-Demi Set $75

December-Full Set $125