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Exton: A Chamber Focused On Doing Good

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The Exton Chamber helps the local community by giving back to its member Non-Profits through the Non-Profit Council. The mission of the Chamber’s Non-Profit Council is to enhance and contribute to the quality of life in the Exton Community by assisting in the growth and development of its Non-Profit organizations. It accomplishes this mission by providing opportunities for the nonprofits to network with each other, recruit volunteers, promote events, and facilitate collaboration between the nonprofits and local businesses.

“The Exton Region chamber of Commerce sees the need in providing resources and connections to Non-Profits in the region.  By doing so, the chamber adds value to the benefits of membership for both the non-profit members and the for-profit members who support their mission.” Laurie Kerkering, President of the Exton Chamber.

The Council has just completed its first year with significant impact through a variety of events.  In 2017, the Council has scheduled even more exciting events to continue to meet its mission:

Exton Chamber for Good (All Year Long) 

The Exton Chamber for Good is to promote non-profits fundraising and volunteers needs through the Chamber’s social channels and encourages the for-profit businesses to volunteer their time, effort and equity sweat!

In the Know for NPOs (1st Month of each Quarter)

Morning breakfast meetings to provide a forum for members to present their organizations as well as allow time to network and meet other Chamber members interested in making our community stronger.  2017 Topics include: Motivating Your Board, Navigating the Political Landscape, In the News, and Major Gift Cultivation.

Mixer with Shakers Event (February) 

Each year the Chamber’s “Mixers with Shakers” event brings together the business for-profit and non-profit communities to raise funds for a variety of charitable causes. The event features special guest bartenders (volunteer business leaders) who “mix it up” on behalf of their favorite charities. Attendees include Chamber members and non-members who purchase drink tokens, tip the bartenders and vote for the best cocktail.

Annual Non-Profit Board Reception (August) 

This networking event for Board Members and Executive Directors of ERCC Member Non-Profits provides an opportunity to network.

Non-Profit Luncheon (June) 

One monthly ERCC luncheon will focus on Non-Profits. The speaker will be a leader in the non-profit sector and non-profit members will have the opportunity to set up a display table and give a 1-2 minute appeal about their organization to those attending.

Non-Profit Leadership Summit (December) 

Provide education and networking opportunities to non-profits’ staff, executive directors, and board members. Potential topics: social media, public relations, advertising, fundraising, volunteer management, grant writing, researching, creating efficiency, board development and strategic planning.


For more information, visit or contact the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce at 610-363-7746.