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Easterseals: Valuable Resource For A Lifetime

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By Natalie Scott

There is a lot to be said about 70-year-old Rosemary or “Rosie.” She is a huge Michael Bublé fan and loves to sing. The always-fashionable Rosie loves arts and crafts, especially when she does them at one of her favorite places . . . her adult day program at Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore, which she has been attending since 1975. That distinction is especially meaningful this year as the local affiliate is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a local provider of exceptional services for children and adults with disabilities. 

“Easterseals day program keeps her alive. She doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to get out at home. She needs the human personal contact. She knows she is loved at Easterseals and that makes her happy,” Rosie’s sister, Kathy, says. “The staff does a great job with everything. You can tell the staff cares about the people and it is not just a job.”

Rosie attends Easterseals day program five days a week. Rosie’s brother, John visits her regularly in the program and appreciates the dedicated staff.

“You can tell the staff enjoys what they do. It is always a pleasure going in there. I come out and am always amazed about how they interact with the participants. They are truly concerned for her well-being,” John says. “Rosie loves interacting with people. Without Easterseals, Rosie’s life would be severely impacted.”

An indispensable resource for the region, Easterseals served more than 6,100 people with direct services and 28,800 in indirect services like education and training. For many families, like Rosie’s, Easterseals provides a lifetime of programs and services. 

“Easterseals was one of the first nonprofits in Delaware to create opportunities for adults with disabilities to participate in community-based programs, rather than an institutional setting and Rosie’s longevity in our adult day program is a testament to that fact. It shows how incredibly impactful our services have been and the great need for them to continue. Without our program, Rosie would not be able to be an active participant in the community,” Kenan Sklenar, Easterseals President/CEO, says. “We are incredibly proud to serve Rosie and her family for so many years and are grateful our program can be such a valuable resource to them and other families.”

Like all Easterseals services, adult day care services are comprehensive and individualized to meet each client’s needs, family-focused to meet each family member’s concerns and have the goal of enhanced independence. The adult day care program offers a break for family caregivers responsible for a relative who is unable to function independently, but does not require 24-hour nursing care.  For more information about Easterseals Adult Day Care Services contact Maggie Webb 302-324-4444 or [email protected]. 


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