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Easterseals – The Place For Your Aging Loved One

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By Natalie Scott

When Judi and Frank moved to a new area with Judi’s mother, Beatrice A.K.A. Bea, who has Alzheimer’s they did not know where to turn for adult day services. Thankfully they found Easterseals. There is not a day that goes by that Judi is not thankful for Easterseals Memory Care program. Not only does it keep Bea involved in her community, but it gives Judi and Frank a break from caregiving.

“This is the place for Mom. We knew when we walked in the doors and saw that all of the participants were engaged with staff or an activity, that Easterseals is the place that will help Mom remain living at home,” Judi says. “I believe you are a better caregiver when you have a community of support and that includes Easterseals.”

Caring for a spouse or elderly parent going through the stages of Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia can be overwhelming. The need for adult day care is greater than ever as the older population continues to grow at a rapid pace.

To meet that growing need, the Easterseals Adult Day Care Program has designated additional program space to provide center-based day care for adults with all forms of dementia, and, in particular, persons with early and mid-stage Alzheimer’s.

“The Memory Care program offers us the opportunity to keep Mom living at home with us, but spending her days being stimulated by others besides us,” Judi says. “We are so lucky to have Easterseals so close. We know they will be there as she starts to decline.”

While Bea is staying connected with her community in the Memory Care program, Judi and Frank are able to settle into their new home and new community. They are able to unpack without worrying about Bea since she is in the capable hands of the staff at Easterseals. Judi has also been able to focus on her two sons and grandchild during a recent visit.

The Memory Care Program, partially funded by the Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities, includes modifications such as secured doors and special program areas designed to better serve families. While their loved one is being cared for by a staff consisting of a full-time nurse, activity coordinators and persons who provide meals, caregivers can experience a day of relief to catch up on sleep, shopping or other activities.

“Mom is not verbal very often anymore. I can see by the art coming home and the communication from Easterseals that she is not just sitting there. She is being engaged and staying connected,” Judi says. “Easterseals Memory Care program is successful in being patient with her. They help guide her hand to the paint, but each piece of art is her own. It holds a piece of her in it.”

Like all Easterseals services, the Memory Care program is comprehensive and individualized to meet each client’s needs, family-focused to meet each family member’s concerns and have the goal of enhanced independence. The adult day care program offers a break for family caregivers responsible for a relative who is unable to function independently, but does not require 24-hour nursing care. For more information about Easterseals Memory Care program, Contact Maggie Webb at 302-324-4444 or [email protected].


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