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Do You Love Your Work?

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Liz Brown, Be Well Life Coaching

Do you love your work? The average person spends 35-40 hours per week at work but only 30% claim to enjoy what they do! If you are in that minority, congratulations on finding the right fit. If not, what is stopping you from enjoying what you do? It’s very important to figure out whether it’s the specific job, the industry, the company, the people or a combination of all. Here are some suggestions to improve your job satisfaction:

Pros and Cons

What bothers you about your current position? Think about an average week and make a list of the pros and cons of your job. Be specific and write down as much as possible. This will help you narrow down what frustrates you, as well as what part of the job you like. If you can figure this out, you can take control of the situation. For example, maybe you like the kind of work, but you don’t like the work schedule. Maybe you love your boss but the job itself is not challenging.  

Know Thyself

Do you know what your personality is? Many people take jobs that are not a good fit for their personality and are unhappy as a result. Are you introverted or extroverted? Conscientious or unconventional? Objective or supportive? Structured or flexible? If you are an extreme extrovert and you are sitting alone all day in a quiet office, chances are you won’t be happy. An extreme introvert, on the other hand, will be unhappy with too much interaction. If you don’t know your personality strengths, there are many assessments that can help.

Do Your Skills Match the Job?

Do you have the right skills for the job? When learning a new job, there is a training phase, but if your skills are a mismatch for the majority of the job, this causes stress. If you like the job, consider asking for training, take outside classes or find a good mentor. If you don’t like the job and have no interest in learning those skills, it’s time to move on! By the same token, if your skills make you overqualified, see if you can take on a more challenging role.

Does this Job Match Your Interests?

Your position does not need to fulfill all of your interests, but it should involve at least one. Think about your top 5-10 interests. How are they incorporated in your current job? For example, if one of your interests is writing, do you write in your current position? It’s unlikely that all of your interests will be met in your job, and those can be done as a hobby or as a volunteer.  

What about Values?

One of the biggest reasons people are unhappy with their job, is that the values of the company are out of alignment with their personal values. Know what you value in your work environment, work outcome and overall life values. You might have to weigh what values are most important because it might be hard to meet both at once. For example, if you value high income and flexible hours, you might have to weigh which is more important right now.  

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Liz Brown PCC is a Professional Certified Life Coach and Owner of Be Well Life Coaching. She is one of 1000 coaches internationally with the National Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. In addition, she holds national certifications in ADHD Coaching, Recovery Coaching for Teens and Adults and is a Certified Career Direct Coach. At Be Well, Liz helps clients turn their personal and professional dreams, goals and visions into reality.  


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